September 22, 2021

5 Must Know Tips to Celebrate Office Birthday Party


A birthday celebration is a moment of joy and relaxation. When it comes to the celebration of office birthdays, people like you need to keep in mind they are in the office and behave accordingly. You with your gang of colleagues organise a party to celebrate your coworker’s birthday. So, you should avoid inviting the people from other departments or outside if the celebration is held only in one sector of your company. There are such other things that you should take care about while celebrating a birthday party in the office. Here are some tips for your help:

1. Cake and Decoration

As far as possible, avoid mentioning your preferred tastes and flavours whether the cake is bought by colleagues or by your office. Opt for buying things with your money if you want to have more items such as snacks, bladders, and soft drinks in the celebration. 

With all participants, avoid singing the songs that might embarrass others. Let no one read the famous lyrics such as Who will it be, for instance. Let the birthday boy have the first piece after cake cutting. While dining/eating meals, keep in mind that there should not be the repetition of serving things until all the persons get the first serve of items.  

2. Gift 

When it comes to a gift like paintings, wall frames, and clocks, no one should choose what they wish to have. As far as possible, the gift pack shouldn’t be opened publicly. If someone asks for the gift item, open it in a private place. Sometimes, a gift could be underwear and opening it could be embarrassing. As a present recipient, you should have happiness or surprising feeling on your face whether you liked or not the received gift item. Besides, avoid opening a gift pack in the office if it isn’t meant to be used there. Don’t think a lot about giving a gift to a colleague if he/she presented you on your birthday in the past.

3. Celebration 

Usually, the scene of a birthday celebration in the office is common in most companies. At the end of the day, soda and cake are common to celebrate the birthday of an employee or a colleague. There is variation in the form. The team announces the celebration and decides whom to be invited. As a birthday boy, you may have a query – should you present/receive a gift to/from all coworkers. For the announcement, you (the team leader or HR person) can send emails or present greeting cards. 

4. Boss Birthday 

Your boss’ birthday is one of the most important dates in your office celebrations. Make this day unforgettable and noticeable whether it is participation in the celebration or gift purchase for the boss. As far as possible, make a kitty to avoid too much variation in gift prices. Whether the person is at the highest or lowest position, each one should have an equal contribution. As everyone in your organization hasn’t a good financial condition, so try not to pay too much attention to the value of the birthday gift for your boss. Focus more on the usability.  

5. An Acceptable gift 

In office birthday celebrations, most of you have a query about what gift to present a colleague. Keep gift items such as perfume, underwear, and makeup out of the topic. Focus more on to purchase an item like DVD movies, books, and CDs that you could easily change if required. Further, avoid presenting the most famous card. It could be negligence to the birthday boy/girl and could reflect that you don’t care much about him/her.


Whether you are celebrating your boss’ or colleague’s birthday, you should value the policies your company has. From pre-planning to execution, you should carry out each step very carefully so that the one who is not involved in the celebration has any issue.             

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