September 21, 2021

A Detailed Review of 2020 Mazda 3

Mazda_3 2020

The Middle East welcomed the 2020 Mazda 3 last year. This compact car comes in the body types of hatchback and sedan. Both configurations are fueled by powerful inline 4 engines which can be combined with manual and automatic transmission. 

You can check out Mazda 3 in the second-hand cars for sale in Dubai. Both all- and front-wheel drives are provided for comfort. It is a perfect blend of functionality and agility. The Mazda 3 lured a lot of consumers who were in search of some other car body types except SUV and crossover. 

The four trim levels offered are base, select, preferred and premium. However, the hatchback configuration doesn’t give Select trim level. In 2020, the technology which avoids collisions is included in all trims. Keep on reading to have an in-depth look at the car. 


The cabin space of Mazda 3 is stylish and is low-positioned. It provides the best comfort to the front passengers with the bolstered seats. However, the passengers at the back don’t experience the same comfort. A 8.8 inch screen is added. On all trims except the base, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration is provided. 

As for the design, it feels harmonious and poised. Having a low beltline, traces of brightwork and the right blend of dark and dull colors allows the interior to look huge. All the elements combine to give an aura of expensiveness. Even the base trim level has a high-end cabin space which is better than the luxurious cars. 


The design of the sedan is superior to the hatchback. However, it shows how hard Mazda attempted to differentiate between the two. The dimensions of the sedan are minimal and neat whereas the hatchback is just quirky. This is why most people are in favor of the sedan. A big grille design and small headlights are arranged on a traditional silhouette. 

Photos: Stefan Lindeque
Photos: Stefan Lindeque

The materials used include sheet metal which gives subtle contours. It’s roofline is long and makes the vehicle look like a midsize sedan. The styling is both formal yet not over-the-top. It demands a second look from the people. 

Even though the hatchback is eye-catching too, it’s not due to the same good reasons. The design divides in the back because the big roof dips weirdly in the tailgate. Pillar is so huge that it gets unnecessary attention. 


When it comes to performance, Mazda has a sporty handling and a balanced driving. Linear power is obtained from the powertrain because the engine gives 186 hp. The premium trim levels have a cylinder deactivation system which saves fuel especially in the highway cruising. 

Photos: Stefan Lindeque

It has a 6-speed automatic transmission which is given in all levels . The steering is accurate and perfectly weighted. A Sport mode is offered which maintains the gear for a long time. Overall, the performance is a great blend of sporty and comfort. 


With comfortable seats having a sports car level position, Mazda 3 is clearly different from the other compact cars. This is because the vehicles in this car segment do not have the same detailed finishing or comfortable as the Mazda 3 boasts. Although it has small dimensions, it looks luxurious on the inside. The base trim has power adjustable seats as an option. 

Photos: Stefan Lindeque


Mazda 3 offers great standard features and surprising options. The infotainment system is highly equipped with the screen giving a crisp display. The standard features are power windows, cloth upholstery, a 8.8 inch display, power locks and effective safety functions. 

Photos: Stefan Lindeque

In the Select trim level, synthetic leather upholstery, Apple CarPlay, keyless ignition, Android Auto smartphone integration, dual zone climate control and 18-inch wheels are given. As for the Premium trim level, it boasts adaptive LED headlights, leather upholstery, Bose speakers, a head up display and much more. This trim level is the only one having a manual transmission. 

The touchscreen requires a steep learning curve and has a menu intensive display. 

So this was a complete review of the Mazda 3. If you want to determine the value of your vehicle, check the car valuation online on CarSwitch. Our evaluation process is professional and accurate. 
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