How can the real estate market use LinkedIn-2021?

real estate market via LinkedIn 2021

Few professionals know, and mainly do not exploit, LinkedIn social media as a platform for generating leads and business opportunities. Social Media goes beyond information, relationship, communication, or even entertainment channel. It needs to be treated as a social business, mostly when we talk about LinkedIn, the largest network of professionals, and networking globally. 

LinkedIn Pulse, what is it?

LinkedIn also makes it possible to share updates and article publications via the LinkedIn Pulse tool. It’s an excellent option for sharing content, especially if you don’t have a blog.

To advertise a property without offering any content through the Pulse tool, you may be classified as a spammer, which will undoubtedly have a reverse effect on your business. In other words, you will be the “bore,” and nobody will pay attention to what you publish.

So, how to use LinkedIn Pulse?

  • Talk about the benefits of living in the neighborhood or region of the property advertised;
  • Present the main characteristics, identify the competitive differentials;
  • Add value to potential customers, be a sales consultant;
  • Leave to “advertise” the property in a light and subtle way during the content presented.
  • Bring fluidity to the text, without advertising content, use textual cohesion.

It is essential to be careful not to be inconvenient or even intrusive with your connections on LinkedIn, so do not offer the opportunity of a property right from the first contact.

Sales Navigator

 Talk about who you are as a professional in the real estate market, establish trust and credibility, have the common sense and feeling of knowing the right time to offer your products/services. Every profitable business starts with empathy and respect.

Now that we have talked about some basics of Social Selling using LinkedIn, it is essential to highlight a powerful tool created within the platform itself, specifically Social Sales, the Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator makes it possible to create relationships and nurture these leads, which is of paramount importance when working with sales, especially for complex negotiations, such as a property sale. The tool is widely used in the B2B market, but it can and should be used in B2C negotiations, especially in the real estate market.

There is an exciting Social Sales Index (SSI) that calculates its effectiveness in 4 steps: 

 Establish your Brand:

Complete your profile with the customer in mind. Post useful and relevant content to become an innovative leader in the real estate market.

 Find People:

Find the right customers more accurately in less time using practical search tools.

 Engage with insights:

Share updates that initiate dialogue and strengthen relationships with your prospects.

 Build Relationships:

Cultivate trusting relationships with your decision-makers and market influencers to strengthen your contact network.

Why use LinkedIn’s sales tool, Sales Navigator?

I cite three reasons to start to know a little more about it:

Focus on the right potential customers.

Winning customers has never been easier! LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you quickly find your prospect’s profile. With the sophisticated algorithm of this sales tool, it is possible to generate personalized lead recommendations for you. Save potential customers with ease and follow your leads and updates to turn formal connections into business opportunities at the right time.

Stay informed with insights.

Get sales insights to increase your efficiency. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to stay informed with opportunities that make your sales flow effective. Stay on top of the latest news about your potential customers with full access to their profiles and updates.

Establish trusting relationships.

The word sales should be synonymous with cultivating relationships. Specially developed for sales professionals, Sales Navigator helps you create trusting relationships before the first dialogue about your sale properties. Create a reliable, professional brand and interact with confidence, taking advantage of your network of contacts within LinkedIn.

 LinkedIn data shows us that:

  • Over 80% of marketers launch new products or services through LinkedIn.
  • Leaders in Social Sales are 51% more likely to achieve their goals.
  • Leaders in Social Sales create 45% more business opportunities.
  • Social Sales leaders are 80% more productive than other professionals in their market.


Now I believe that there is no more doubt. You are prepared to be a leader in Social Sales in real estate marketing, be an authority on the subject, exceed your goals, and be recognized as an outstanding professional.

Consumer behavior has changed, and it’s time for you to change your behavior as well.

Sales 2.0

 Sales are consultative. That is, they aim to help and educate customers, not merely to sell. It is the new sales model called sales 2.0.

Do you know how your client looks for a property on the internet? According to Google, half of the people start the formal search for properties 6 to 12 months in advance, considering those same people start the search a year earlier.

More and more young Millennials use the internet to find the property of their dreams. This audience uses YouTube videos as a source of inspiration and looking for smaller, vintage-style properties.

According to research, this “new” generation of consumers is hyper-connected with the digital world, mainly with their smartphone devices. According to researchapproximately 49% of all purchase decisions are made even before any responsible sales professional involvement.

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