February 27, 2021

7 Tips for Creating An Emotional Appeal in Web Design

Honestly, humans are emotional no matter how much we say that we are rational beings. The harder we try to convince ourselves about being rational, the stronger impact of emotions reflects on our decisions. This is something website designers can use as because it has an impact equivalent to nuclear bomb- affects everything instantaneously! When a web design company in India integrates emotion into a website design, the users feel more connected to the brand.

Without playing with emotions, it is a bit hard to achieve the desired results like increased conversion rates that upsurge the business. Not only this, but emotions also add the tinge of creativity that makes the website content catchy. Summarizing in short, it means that the creative touch of emotions is a necessity to achieve desired results. It should be executed in an unblemished manner with the right elements.

Adding Emotions on the Website Practically

Adding emotion in the content of the website leaves a strong impact on the visiting traffic. Whether it is the use of imagery or written content, sending emotional signals to your audience is a sure-fire way to win over them.  

  1. Project Analysis and Persona Development

Before commencing with a project, it is a must to grab the understanding of the target audience. Without having the knowledge of the target demography and facts that tick them, it is like crossing a continent without map. Ultimately, reaching the destination becomes a catch 22. Hence, by conceiving the right outline of the target demography & their requirements, web designers can effortlessly integrate persona development stage. It can be done best by viewing the web design from user end.

  • Does the website serves purpose of the visit
  • Note down that seems unconventional or tough while navigating
  • Assess if the website values every visit
  • Emphasize on Emotions

The unsaid rule of promoting the brand with emotional aspects is focusing on spreading a positive message. Although negative messages tend to go viral, the user of today is smarter and doesn’t share negative news. Any content on the website that triggers curiosity or anxiety, but favors the marketing strategy of the brand, is the perfect way to boost visiting traffic. Hence, mavens from the website design industry to focus on displaying positive emotions.

  • Tone Always Matters

That’s a psychological manipulation of the human brain for determining the tone of the message being conveyed. The tone used for talking to the visiting traffic manipulates the vibe of the message. Despite cultural differences or language barriers, expressing emotions remains the same.

  • Tone solely depends on the target demography and the tone they use
  • The tone also reflects the relationship a brand maintains with its customers
  • The vibe of the message to be conveyed has to be maintained throughout the tone
  • Striking a balance between the seriousness and the mood of the message
  • Animation Increases Engagement

It will be a rarest of the rare chance if a person fails to associate their childhood with cartoons. Today, the website designing industry has introduced animations with the purpose of highlighting the core message. It is basically the perfect visual element that delivers the right message accompanied with the apt emotion. Here are some points that advocate the integration of animation for the conveying the right emotion.

  • Catch attention immediately
  • Immediately orients with the purpose of the website
  • Animations prevent visual clutter
  • Adding animation can induce emotion in the customer feedback
  • Architecting The Emotional Appeal

When your brand is able to weave the right emotion for the user, it surely has strong impacts. With a strong emotional impact on users/clients, they tend to spend 5% more than those having a less strong bond with the brand. To sustain for prolong periods in the psyche of the audience/customers, it becomes essential to create emotions that evoke a spark of action. Not just this, but when you request for client feedback then tables turn in your favor. All clients that feel emotionally connected with the brand will drop honest feedback. Such a feedback will include everything that’s perfect and what needs improvisation.

  • The Role of Images

A point that cannot be ignored at all! Images play a key role in inducing clients. As per a study conducted on 85% of websites, only a handful of websites held the customer retention on emotional facet. Adding human images on the website helps the user to humanize the effect. It gives them a better chance to relate with the brand. The inclusion of human faces having the emotions of delightedness, laughter, surprise, curiosity etc., incite emotions and make a person feel more connected with the brand. It isn’t an unprecedented concept as a majority of successful websites include human faces for driving more results.

  • Color Psychology

The color psychology is also essential for inciting emotions in the visiting traffic. Every color has special purpose when comes to incite emotions. Hence, one needs to be considerate while including different colors because in different countries, the color used for reflecting love may hold entirely a different meaning. So, one should be cautious while including colors for connecting with users.

Summarizing on a Whole

KFC, Starbucks, Apple, Old Spice etc., are some common examples that use a fabulous emotional website design trend that appeals to their customers. Based on their website emotion, they craft adverts that stand true on their promises. For inciting emotion in the website, you just need to follow the steps listed above. It will surely assist in crafting the right frame of the website.  

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