Types of Digital Marketing Services Offered by a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Services

There is a lot of talk on digital marketing services on the internet these days. Many companies ‘claim’ that they can provide the best digital marketing services. But their claims aren’t under scrutiny in our discussion today. Instead, we are here to look at these digital marketing services, up close. 

The Basics of How a Digital Marketing Agency Works

A good digital marketing agency provides digital marketing services. Not every business has an in-house digital marketing department. That’s because it can cost you a fortune. 

Experts believe that outsourcing your digital marketing to a digital marketing agency costs you far less. How? You get access to a team of experts. These experts excel in each department or category. You name any type of digital marketing service and the agency will get you a solution.

Still don’t get it? Imagine this:

You want to get a fruit basket of different fruits. But the problem is: you don’t grow fruits yourself. It will require a lot of time and planning. And most importantly, money. So, you go to the best fruit shop in town to get these fruits. You won’t have to look around a lot. Instead, you’ll find all the fruits in one place. That too – at a good price. 

This is exactly how a digital marketing agency works. You don’t have expertise over digital marketing. And you also don’t have digital marketing experts. So, instead, you hire a firm that can fulfill your digital marketing needs.

7 Types of Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services fall under seven different categories. Being a company it is not necessary that you require all of these services. Honestly, it depends on your business and its digital marketing needs. It is plausible that you might require each one of these services. But it is also possible that you might need only one of these services.

If you are not sure which services you need, contact the best digital marketing agency in your city. Note that a good digital marketing agency would always conduct an analysis of your company. They can always guide you on how to proceed with your digital marketing. This way you’ll know which digital marketing services you require.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Many assume that social media marketing is like managing your own personal social media. That’s far from the truth! Social media marketing is a combination between intricate strategic planning and creative management.

Social media marketers work on strategies that help a business grow. This includes the following: 

  • Planning strategies specific to a particular campaign of a company.
  • Creating a content calendar where dates for posting are decided
  • Content theme is decided
  • Post promotions strategies

If your brand has an online presence, then social media marketing can help you grow at a better pace. Get your nearest digital marketing agency to do it for you.

  1. Content Marketing

This category includes content curation and presentation to increase brand awareness. Whether you need content for SEO purposes or for social media, it all comes under content marketing.

Content marketing is all about using content to attract more people. For example, if your brand has invested in making social media then that is content marketing. As an influencer, if you have written an e-book then that is a way to market your brand.

Technically, content covers a vast range of marketing activities. But people usually use this term when they refer to creative ‘content’. It does not matter whether it is in the form of a text, audio, or video.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is something many businesses are using. Why? Because companies get themselves ranked against certain keywords. This way, when a visitor searches a certain word on the internet, your website will show up. If your website has a good ranking, it might get placed in the top ten results. 

Studies show that visitors usually click on the top three search results. This has led companies to invest more and more in SEO.

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

The best way to get most traffic through Google is to take direct help from Google’s tools. Tools like Google AdWords are not only cost-effective but also great. It is great because you only pay when a customer actually clicks on the ad.

But there is one tricky thing about all this. You have to create a Google PPC campaign that Google will select to show against certain keywords. And know this: it is pretty hard!

So, you need PPC experts that every good digital marketing agency has. These experts can help you create campaigns that Google will choose. 

This is a very cost-effective way because you only pay when a visitor clicks on your Google Ad.

  1. Email Marketing

You might be wondering: do people still read those? I know it sounds ‘dumb’ but people still do prefer email over other forms of marketing. Especially people from professional fields.

Email marketing comes under content marketing. You can employ multiple strategies to make your marketing more appealing. You can use creativity to get your users to read the marketing emails you send. This way, you can get your email marketing to work.

This type of marketing is good at doing the following:

  • Creating a sense of urgency among your audience.
  • Developing personalized relation with your audience
  • Assisting your audience to set their preferences right
  1. Mobile Marketing

This is about reaching your audience through advertisements on their phones. These ads can be shown with the help of email, text messages, social media, and website.

This can help you reach your audience in every ‘little’ way possible.

  1. Marketing Analytics

This category of digital marketing is about understanding consumer behavior through available data.

That is what marketing analysts do through various productive tools. They coordinate with the marketing team. All to make sure that their marketing strategies are optimized, accordingly.

The types discussed so far are not where this list of digital marketing services stop. It is possible that this list might keep on growing as the digital world grows. If you have a business, you need a digital marketing agency to avail these services at an affordable price. This would not only help you grow but shine among your competitors. 

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