How do you get rid of the line between the eyebrows?

The line between the eyebrows as a result of frown mimics is a problem that many people are uncomfortable with. It gives the person a nervous air even when he is not angry. It may become apparent from an early age. Especially in people with oily and thick skin, that line becomes more pronounced at an early age.

Why does the line between the eyebrows occur?

In fact, it is not completely frowning, but a line that occurs when talking for another reason, expressing something serious and frowning too much. For example, it is a feature of facial expressions that we often see in teachers. In addition, facial expressions around the eyes, which are made to narrow the eyes, especially on sunny days, cause the line between the eyebrows to form and deepen over time.

Is there any cream for wrinkles between eyebrows?

Before this line deepens, the deepening of the line can be prevented by reducing the necessary unnecessary frowning habit. It is helpful to start anti-wrinkle creams very early. In addition, using sunscreen cream and sunglasses, especially on sunny days, will reduce facial expressions between eyebrows.

By controlling the facial expression of the person complaining of the line between the eyebrows, early botox application can be started from the age of 20. If the person is frowning too much, that is, if the line seems to be visible, it is useful to start botox at that age. After the botox application to be done every six months, the frowning business will be negative in the long term. The line will no longer get deeper. But mostly, people apply to us after the line is formed or even deepened.

How to fix frown eyebrows?

If the line that causes the frowning eyebrow is very light, only botox application can open it. So if it is light and newly formed. But if the line is deeper and does not open with two fingers, the procedure changes. If the depth of this line is light and superficial, botox is applied first on the surface of the skin. After a week, a thin filling can be applied to the remaining depth. If the line is deeper, a slightly thicker filling can be made in the next week’s control. If there will be no change in line depth when botox is applied, then thick filling can be applied directly to that area.

Sometimes the line is two or more than two. In such cases, it will be difficult for the person financially as more filling will be required. In correcting this problem, fat injection would therefore be a better alternative. Usually a single application is sufficient. However, if some people have a deep line problem that continues for a long time, a single session may not be enough. Especially in people who are over the age of forty, have thick skin and have never been treated in that area, a single session of fat injection may not open it sometimes. But mostly people with such deep lines see the needs of the person as much as the fat injection opens. If the person does not see this result enough, another session can be done at least 3 months later.

As a result; The line between the eyebrows can cause discomfort as it makes the person more angry and inaccessible by causing the appearance of a frown. It is possible to find a solution with botox and filling procedures. 

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