Skewb Cube – Solve It In 15 Sec – Know How?

Tired of solving the same old Rubik’s cube?

Want something challenging to bring the thrill of solving puzzles back in your life?

Well, then I have got the right thing for you – The skewb cube.

Now you must be wondering what a Skewb cube is…

The idea of the skewb cube has originated from a Rubik’s cube itself. The Inventor of a skewb cube, Tony Durham, wants to bring a levelled-up version of a Rubik’s cube on the diaspora, thus he invented this magnificent and stimulating version of a cube which is now popularly known as a skewb cube.

The unique feature that makes the skewb cube more testing is that the corners of a skewb cube also rotate, unlike a Rubik’s cube. Moreover, the orientation of the pieces of the cube is diagonal, thus making the cube more challenging. 

Though a corner turning cube is a bit of a hassle for the ones who are accustomed to a Rubik’s cube, but with practice, a skewb cube becomes easy and doable. 

Now that we have understood what a skewb cube is, let’s delve into understanding the different parts of it.

A skewb cube consists of corners and centres, thus it would be helpful if one could figure out these parts in advance before proceeding with solving the puzzle.

After you have figured out its parts, let’s start with solving it.

  • Solve the first face of the skewb cube

This step is very similar to solving the corners on the Rubik’s cube. All you need to do is bring similar colours of corners together on the edges. To successfully do this, first, you will need to understand how the pieces of the cube interact amongst themselves. Once you get handy with the understanding amongst the pieces, you can start rotating and shifting the pieces in order to get an orientation where the similar coloured corner pieces get aligned on the edges of the cube.

  • Align the centres

Now that you have completed the first face of the cube by orienting the corners, the second step is to fix the centres of the cube. There are five centres that are remaining and wanting to be aligned in the cube. Thus fixing the centres would be the next step. You could follow several algorithms to fix the centres. 

One tip that you could follow is that you could rotate the cube such that the face of the cube that has a white centre faces downwards. Doing this, the corners of the face of the cube that is at the top will appear to be orange in colour. Now you can easily fix the centres of the cube accordingly.

  • Solve the last layer

If you have followed the above steps with precision and care, then most of your cube must have been fixed by now. All you need to do is orient the last layer and voila! Your skewb cube will be ready for you to boast about. 

You can orient the last layer following the different algorithms which are much similar to solving a Rubik’s cube. 

With these three simple steps, you can solve a skewb cube in just no time. And trust me when I say, that with practice it would just become a fifteen seconds task, and who knows you become the next person to break the Guinness Book of World Record for the fastest skewb cube solver..right?

Skewb Cube

Moreover, I have always felt that solving a cube is really interesting and boastful, and the joy of boasting about it exponentially increases when you could solve a skewb cube with ease. 

So go ahead and try this amazing method and solve your cube without any hassle. 


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So, get started with your skewb cube and solve it in class with the help of this amazing method. 

Happy cubing!!

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