Visitor Visa Subclass 600 – A Complete Guide

If you have a plan for visiting Australia then you will be needing a valid visa to enjoy your trip. Here, a question arises to choose a suitable visa for you among the various options available. For travelers or visitors, visitor visa 600 is the best choice as it is valid for a short span of time and has been introduced for traveling and visiting purposes only.

When Should An Individual Apply for a Visitor Visa 600?

An individual can apply for visa 600 in the below-mentioned scenarios:

Visiting a Friend: One can go for a visitor visa if they are going to meet a friend who lives abroad. This visitor visa is valid for a short span of time.

Visiting Your Family Member: The person taking a leave to meet their family members can go for this visa so that he/she can enjoy their stay.

Exploring City: If you are a person who loves to explore new cities or you are a wanderlust then visa subclass 600 lets you travel conveniently.

To Pursue Short Term Courses: A student who is willing to complete any short term courses from countries like Australia, Philippines, Mauritius, etc, then this visa is the best available option for those.

Key Requirements for Tourist Visa Subclass 600

Yes, there are few key requirements that an individual should fulfill for acquiring subclass 600 which are set by the migrations agent registration authority. Find below mentioned are the requisite criteria that an individual should fulfill:

Financial Criteria: While applying for the visa 600, you are asked to submit a few documents that signify your financial stability. You need to provide enough evidence to show that you are capable of staying in the country financially.

Health Criteria: For acquiring a visa you will be asked to showcase the evidence that clarifies that you are physically fit to travel and have health insurance which will be valid till the end of the duration of your visit.

Purpose of Visit: You have to provide all the details for the purpose of your journey and present the required details to convince the authority that your reason is genuine.

You will need to provide the complete documents of the person traveling along with you.

In the case of a student, you are not allowed to bring a person less than 6 years old.

I hope I have covered all the necessary details that everyone should be aware of regarding the subclass 600. Got any plans for exploring the new country then you can hire Immigration Agent Perth for the hassle-free process.

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