5 Essential Key Factors To Get Student Visa 500

An overseas student is allowed to stay and pursue education In Australia for a maximum of 5 years if he/she held a student visa subclass 500. The applicant of student visa can be enrolled in more then one-course programs and he/she needs to submit all COE codes. You need to submit OHSC with the student visa 500. You need to meet subclass 500 visa conditions Australia before going to apply for student subclass 500. You can bring your guardians or custodians by applying for a 590 student guardian visa. You can do the job for some specific hours with visa subclass 500 in Australia. You have to re-apply for this Visa Subclass 500 before twenty-eighth days to visa is expires. 

Know The Process To Apply For Student Subclass 500 Australia:-

1. Eligibility criteria

• You must be a full-time student in the Australian institute in relevant education classes to get student subclass 500.

• If you are applying for a student visa 500 from Australia then you must have a substantive visa.

• At the time of applying subclass 500 visa application form, you have to assure immigration authorities that you are the genuine temporary entrant (GTE).

• You must be enrolled in Any CRICOS registered Australian institute in case you are applying from Australia.

• If you are applying for this visa subclass 500 outside from Australia then you need to submit confirmation of enrollment (COE) by CRICOS registered Australian institute.

• You need to provide bank statements, salary slip to prove you have enough money to survive your expenses.

• If you have a debt to the Australian Government then you need to pay back before going to apply for visa subclass 500.

• In case you are enrolled in a full-time course of training or education through a scholarship scheme approved by Australian ministry of foreign affairs or Australian department of defense then you don’t need to submit confirmation of enrollment. You have to submit a letter of support.

• If you are a post-graduate student and want to stay in Australia in Case your research is marked then you need to provide a letter of support with Student Subclass 500 Visa application from your education provider.

• If you have completed the English language skill test then you need to submit a test score with minimum 5 number for 10 weeks duration and 4.5 for 20 weeks course duration.

• You don’t need to provide an English language proficiency test report with student visa subclass 500 application form if you are from UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland.

• As a student visa subclass 500 holder, You must have a welfare arrangement.

• If you are enrolling more than one course then you have to submit all COE codes with subclass 500 visa form.

• Overseas student health cover must be required with student subclass 500 visa form.

• You must be younger then 18th years and if you are participating in any school admission program you must be above 6 years old.

2. Required Documents

• Receive and submit a letter of support with student visa subclass 500.

• With student visa 500 you need to submit another letter of support if you are enrolled through scholarship approved by defense department of Australia or ministry of foreign affairs and trade.

• Collect confirmation of enrollment documents.

• Provide your English proficiency skill test report to attach with subclass 500 visa form.

• Submit your 18th dependent documents.

• Translator to translate all non-English documents into English.

• Collect and scan required documents and photos in color printout.

• Provide all confirmation of enrollment (COE) codes if you are enrolled in more then one course.

3. Cost of visa and processing time

You have to pay AUD 560 to receive student visa subclass 500. Generally, it takes 10 days to 90 days to process. If you belong to the defense sector or the foreign affairs department then you will receive a subclass 500 visa on a priority basis from 10 days to 30 days. If you are awarded student by commonwealth Gov. of Australia and supported by the defense and foreign department then student visa taxon five hundred are freed from price for you.

4. Apply for the visa

You can apply for student visa subclass 500 with an online process. You are free to apply for student visa 500 onshore and offshore. You must provide legal documents and information. In case you provide wrong information then your visa application form can be rejected. We suggest that you can contact the Immigration Agent Adelaide for best assistance regarding immigration visa in Australia.

5. This Visa, You Can

• You can pursue your education up to 5 years after having a student visa 500.

• Student subclass 500 allows you to do work only 40 hours in two weeks duration.

• You can bring your parents with you.

• An overseas student is allowed to travel to and from Australia for 5 years.

• You are allowed to apply for more than one course with student visa subclass 500 in Australia.

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