5 Top Cloud-Based EMR for your practice

cloud based EMR

Long gone are the days when doctors would be fixated behind huge screens, trying to make sense of their EMR system. The fast-paced environment of today requires a medical software that compliments a practice’s workflows, not restricts it. Cloud-based EMR softwares give doctors the complete freedom to operate their medical facilities the way they want to. 

Benefits of Cloud-Based EMR Softwares 

  • Medical professionals can operate the EMR system at any location and time – provided there is an active internet connection. 
  • The software can be operated on any device connected to the internet. Hence, users can save on the costly expenditure of hardware. 
  • The cloud-based platforms can be used to provide virtual consultations to patients if they are unable to visit a hospital/clinic physically. 
  • Secure storage of medical records that are safe from natural disasters, fire, and theft. 

5 of the Top Cloud-Based EMR Systems 

AdvancedMD EMR 

AdvancedMD EMR was founded with the mission to create healthy practices and patients. This powerful medical software is currently being used by 33,500 practitioners that have been spread across 13,000 practices. The entire suite of solutions offered includes electronic medical record, practice management, telemedicine, patient engagement, billing mechanism, and practice analytics reporting. 


  • The advanced dashboard displays a practice’s pending tasks in the form of interactive donuts. The intuitive system alerts users in the case of critical issues, like abnormal test results. 
  • Specialty-specific templates are provided to doctors that cater to their unique clinical requirements. Practitioners can even customize these templates considering their needs and preferences. 
  • The efficient messaging tool can be used to send secure messages to patients that range from appointment reminders to birthday texts to administrative changes. 

Praxis EMR 

An award-winning medical software, Praxis EMR, has been a prominent industry player for 25 years now. What makes Praxis EMR stand apart is its unique artificial intelligence engine, namely Concept Processing. The latter understands how a practice works and then, fully adapts to it. 


  • Unlike its counterparts, a no-template design is offered since the people behind Praxis believe it dramatically slows down a facility. The AI engine tracks how patients are diagnosed and treated and then records its learnings on a bell-shaped curve. 
  • Waiting times are reduced before appointments as patients can fill in check-in forms at home. 
  • Users can make detailed analyses through the Praxis DataMiner tool. 

Kareo Clinical EHR

Founded in 2004, Kareo EHR is another award-winning medical software. In fact, it has won more than 30 awards for the advanced tools that it provides. Its popularity can be gauged from its diverse network of more than 70,000 providers. 


  • Kareo EHR improves a practice’s online presence in a number of ways. Positive testimonials can be incorporated, and website content can be altered for a better online ranking. 
  • The interactive patient portal enables patients to schedule appointments online, request prescription refills, communicate with doctors, and access medical records, among other features. 
  • Doctors can provide virtual consultations to patients irrespective of where they may be located. 

PrognoCIS EMR 

Bizmatics introduced PrognoCIS EMR in the medical software industry in 2001.  The complete suite of tools includes Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management Services, Electronic Prescriptions, Bilateral Laboratory Interfaces, Patient Portal, and Telemedicine. 


  • The e-prescribing tool shares prescriptions with patients’ preferred pharmacies. Doctors are provided with complete medication histories of patients so that they can identify any adverse drug interactions and allergic reactions. 
  • Notes can be documented faster through the speech recognition tool. The latter converts words spoken into text that appears on the screen. 
  • The PrognoFax is a cloud-based e-faxing tool that scans documents and shares them without having to install any hardware.

eClinicalWorks EMR 

eClinicalWorks EMR is a well-renowned medical software provider in the industry. The latter offers its advanced offerings to more than 130,000 practitioners in the country and 850,000 plus professionals worldwide.


  • The Healow app sends the latest medical data of patients directly to doctors. This enables effective monitoring of health. 
  • Eva, the virtual assistant, can be used to compare progress notes, schedule appointments, and access medical records along with educational content. 
  • Automatic reminders are sent to patients before appointments to avoid no-shows and latecomers. 

Which Cloud-Based EMR Should I Opt For?

Cloud-based EMR softwares are a revolutionary investment for doctors, irrespective of their specialty. Not only do they save the hefty cost of hardware, but they also enable users to provide telehealth visits. We are optimistic you now have an idea of the best softwares to consider. Make the final choice by comparing your requirements from an EMR system with the offerings of the above-discussed softwares. 

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