In shape after pregnancy – Walking and jogging with the baby stroller

jogging with the baby stroller

The other day walking in the park I came across a surprising vision: A group of women was jogging pushing a baby stroller. It caught my attention, especially because after they stopped they would do postpartum exercises on the grass, using the baby carriage as support.

One of the things that can worry a pregnant woman is how she will regain her figure after delivery . But apart from the kilos, the most important thing is to regain fitness . 

The key is in the  progression (we cannot expect to give birth and return to our previous weight, that only happens in the glossy magazines) and also in the constancy of maintaining good healthy habits.

The two basic aspects are diet and physical exercise . The food thing gives for another complete article, now let’s focus on exercise. Because one of the ways to add physical activity to your life, even if you don’t have anyone to leave the baby with, is to take advantage of the walks.

Walking and running with the stroller

At first, just going for a regular stroll with the stroller is enough. Little by little try to increase the rhythm of your steps to improve circulation, your physical form and burn calories. Extend the walk and you will see how you will begin to notice the difference. If you have earrings close to home, the better. Imagine pushing the stroller (your weight and that of your baby) down a hill … More than effective.

The next step, if you can and feel like doing it, is to run with the baby carriage. To be able to run with the stroller you need it to have suspension, to cushion the irregularities of the terrain, large lockable wheels, and a good handlebar for a correct grip. If you plan to exercise, go for a walk in the field, go for a run with him, these are aspects to take into account when choosing your baby stroller.

 Tips to get back in shape after childbirth

Try to find an area of ​​nature to relax, go outdoors and breathe fresh air.

Don’t forget about good hydration – especially if you breastfeed, but even without it, carry enough water.

Look for different slopes and terrain that allow you to change your rhythm and work for different muscle groups.

Wear a good sports bra – breasts increase in size during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, it is important that while exercising you wear a bra designed for this purpose.

Be progressive – you don’t want to do everything the first week. Start according to how you feel and increase the intensity of the activity according to your state. Listen to your body and enjoy your outings with your baby.

Going out with the stroller or stroller is good for you and your baby

The walks and jogs with the stroller will not only allow you to get in shape, but also your child will benefit from the contact with nature, and the movement will help him to fall asleep and rest.

You and your baby will enjoy those moments together. The ritual of dressing and preparing for your active walk will become one of your moments.

Walks, exercises or running with the stroller are beneficial for you and your baby, you are outdoors, you relax, you do physical activity and the little one enjoys the movement of the car.

What does an off-road baby stroller have to have?

Features of an off-road baby stroller

Wanted off-road baby stroller! How will I recognize it if I find it? Many parents ask when looking for a special cart, one suitable for those who like to walk in nature, those who live in the countryside or in small towns where not all roads are paved, or for those who like life active, jogging or walking through a forest and looking for a sporty design.

Well, all that glitters is not gold!
There are quite a few strollers that advertise themselves as SUVs , but when push comes to shove they aren’t. Also when looking at a model we have to see from what age they can be used. For one thing are the buggies from birth (with carrycot) and another thing are the buggies , recommended since the baby is able to sit Roma vita 2 tweed.

So what are the main features of an off-road stroller ?

After several years of working with and testing all-terrain strollers, we have gathered the most important characteristics of a good pushchair of this type.

Baby stroller wheels

The size of the wheels – big enough to be able to overcome small obstacles (stones, cracks, curbs) and help with damping. Inflatable or gel
h wheels – despite the possible punctures (which occur less than we might think) it has the advantage of improving the cushioning and comfort of babies when passing through uneven terrain. Here we leave you the entry and the video on how to repair a puncture. If they are gel wheels, tires on the outside, and inside filled with gel, the chassis must have a double or triple suspension system. Here you can see the difference between inflatable wheels and gel wheels

Lockable Front Wheels – For cruising on a track or unpaved road, locking the front wheels won’t get you stuck on every stone. Nor will they rotate constantly.

Bearings – metal and capped for smooth wheel movement and long-lasting smooth operation

Baby stroller cushioning

Suspension – it is a key point of the off-road carts so that a walk through a forest becomes a pleasant sensation and not a torture. How to check it? If there is no possibility of field testing, at the store push the handlebar down several times, ahead of the front wheel as well. Raise the trolley by the handlebar by hand a few centimeters and let it fall. If it goes down and up easily without bumping, smoothly, it has good suspension. It is interesting that the suspension can be adjusted to suit the weight or type of terrain. It can be rear, double, or triple. On the back of the stroller, on the rear wheels, in the middle (which makes the movement for the baby as smooth as possible), and maybe on the front wheels (for city curbs). If you put in the description of the stroller that it has 4-wheel suspension, it is a double suspension (rear and front) but without a central one. 

Structure of the baby carriage

Strong chassis – it has to withstand bumps and all types of terrain without making noise, without deforming ..
Balanced weight – normally all-terrain strollers are a little heavier to support the trot, but they do not have to be heavy monsters, they have to have a balance between strength and weight.

Stability – very important on uneven terrain, it has to have great stability to be safe. How to check it? Try to overturn the cart , or climb a step with the front wheels and see its behavior.

3 or 4 wheels? There is a belief that off-road strollers are always 3-wheelers. There are good models of both options. If the stroller meets the characteristics mentioned above, I think the number of wheels is more of a design issue than anything else. The three wheels give us speed when avoiding obstacles, and the four give us greater stability.

Other elements that a quality off-road baby stroller must have

Storage capacity  With the baby stroller, we go down to shop, go on excursions, travel … and for all this it is important to have enough space and a chassis that can safely hold that extra weight.

The price -It should not vary from the rest of the carts, since neither the materials nor the technology differs from the «urbanite» models. In general, after trying different models, it seems that they have too inflated prices for pure marketing.
Removable and washable fabrics – after a day in the field it is possible that the stroller will get stained, if its fabrics are removable and washable or at least easily cleaned, the problem is quickly solved
Comfort of the seat or the bottom of the carrycot – whatever soft, padded to make the ride as pleasant as possible.
Comfortable and adjustable handlebar – when going down slopes with the stroller it is important that you can grip the handlebar well, that its height is correct
Safety harnesses for the child – Especially if he is older we have to be able to hold him safely in the stroller in a comfortable way for him.

In our store, we have selected and tested a model with an unbeatable value for money.
As parents, we know how difficult it is to choose a baby stroller. The words they use in the stores, the concepts, knowing if it is suitable for your family or not.

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