Factor To Consider Before Magento to WordPress Migration

magento to wordpress
With the rise in technology, we have probably made numerous things easier. From shopping grocery to the invention of nuclear weapons, technology played a vital role. Here, in this write-up, our emphasis is on what is the best ecommerce platform if you own an e-commerce website. These days more and more people plan to go with the e-commerce business to bring more ease and comfort to their customers. Customers don’t need to move from their respective places. They can select, place an order and purchase whatever they like by sitting at their place only. So, to own your e-store, the creation of an e-commerce website is highly required. There are various platforms available where you can create a full-fledged website. Though there are various platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Joomla, etc. But WordPress is the most preferred by people as it empowers one-third of the world’s websites from blogs to large enterprises. WordPress is truly an incredible platform. It gives control of the functionality to its users by adding plugins such as Woocommerce, easy digital download, and many more. Also, it offers plenty of beautiful themes with which you can make your website more attractive. WordPress is truly the best platform in comparison to all other platforms. So, if you are planning to migrate from any platform, must say it is the very right choice to go with. Moving further to know more about Magento and WordPress

WordPress vs. Magento

magento v/s wordpress
WordPress and Magento both are somewhat similar on the core with PHP but differ in terms of few features. Let’s differentiate them on the basis of a few variables.


wordpress theme
If you are seeking a wide range of creativity and innovation then you should choose to go with WordPress as it offers the best features. You can create your dream store with a unique variety of themes, built-in blogging, customization features, and much more. Magento also offers free themes but they are not that appealing to grab someone’s attention. There are various paid themes as well but they are quite expensive in comparison to themes offered by WordPress.


wordpress hosting
If we compare both, WordPress runs countless websites all over the world that’s why it is the most renowned platform for e-commerce. Its plugin for e-commerce purposes does not ask for much disk space. On the contrary, Magento requires robust hosting along with more server resources. You may have to use a separate server to get rid of the slow performance of your site.


In the case of WordPress, the WooCommerce plugin is easy and free to download. WordPress as a CMS is also free. Therefore, it is budget-friendly. On the other hand, Magento has different pricing for hosting, extensions, themes, etc. There are both pocket-friendly and expensive options available based on many factors such as customization, themes, platform version, and so on.

User friendly

user friendly
In terms of usability, WordPress is an extremely user-friendly platform with its intuitive design and easy navigation functionality. It provides customizable features to manage fonts, upload logos, and adjust colors quickly and efficiently. To add new products is as easy as updating a post. On the contrary, Magento seems more complex when it comes to getting familiar with it. It is not easy to understand and apply.

What are the factors to consider when switching from Magento to WordPress?

Making your mind to switch from Magento to WordPress site is an appreciable and smart move. It offers more advanced and versatile features.

Migration plan

Migration plan
Make an organized migration plan to export things smoothly. You need to be very cautious while doing this. Any trouble in the process of migrating your data may result in technical issues further.

Website back up

website backup
Taking backup of the whole website is a brainy and secure move before moving ahead with the migration. To have a backup plan is of major importance. WordPress never affects the imported data. It automatically creates the website backup.

Speedy recovery of passwords

password recovery
To recover, a password is not less than a difficult task. While migrating from Momento to WordPress, do check whether it offers unique features. WordPress provides the option of the complete list of the card for finding the password where the password import system is supported. This gives you the ground while migrating from one platform to another. It shows concern and value for your customers.

Migrate Content in Different Languages

Migrate Content in Different Languages
If your previous storage offers content in different languages, then you are moving in the right direction. It is always a great idea to purchase the website exclusively in their style. The best part of WordPress is it gives you an option of ease. If you migrate to WordPress, it gives you many privileges to step ahead of your competitors. WordPress allows you to migrate content from various styles. You simply need to add the link WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML).


WordPress offers more scope for customization. It offers a page layout, style control, and responsiveness in your hands. You can also segregate products, shipping options, inventory management, coupon codes, and many more. Users can also enable order tracking and customer engagement tools.


You can see, there are a plethora of plugins available to enhance the working of your WordPress. Both the front end and back end of your website can be optimized. Also, you can integrate with third-party services such as google analytics and may more to enhance the features and functions.

SEO Ranking

It is of major importance to check the digital commerce SEO checklist for the structure and architectural changes to avoid any disruption occurring. SEO ranking makes your website stand apart from the competitors. For SEO ranking, few core elements in your checklist are must to be considered, like meta tags, search engine-friendly URLs for subpages, active internal links, etc.

Export and Import

export and import
Export your whole Magento data to CSV files and then import them via an in-built CSV importer. Repeat the same process for all the files. Doing it on your own could be tricky and confusing. So many developers or coders can help you achieve the same. You can also use an extension like Cart2Cart for the same.


Lastly, if you have made your mind for Magento to WordPress migration then there are several things to keep in consideration before you do so. Moreover, migration from one platform to another is not an easy task. it is extremely tricky. you need to be extra cautious while performing this task. You can experience a great loss if anything goes wrong. So, it’s better if you hire a WordPress coder to do it for you correctly and efficient. Make the right choice for the sake of you and your audience. Thanks for reading!

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