How Do Cosmetic Companies Sterilize Dropper Bottles?

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Sterilization is the most important aspect while preparing edibles, medicines, and cosmetics. The reason is that these products can affect our skin and health. Therefore, anti-viral and anti-bacterial treatments are conducted at all those manufacturing units where these products are prepared.

CBD products also fall in those categories where sterilization is a must. Specifically for cosmetics, it is essential to use sterilization to reduce the effects of bacteria on the skin. Many types of CBD skincare products are available in the market that cosmetic companies pack in numerous types of bottles, jars, and CBD packaging boxes. More interestingly, many packaging firms use single-use packaging boxes and allow you to maximize the customization of these boxes. However, it is noted that mainly bottles are used for CBD cosmetics. Therefore, we can see 10 ml bottle boxes, 30 ml bottle boxes, 60 ml bottle boxes, and larger custom bottle boxes on store shelves while showing our interest in buying CBD cosmetics.

When such bottles and boxes are considered, sterilization becomes the most important part. It is because skincare products are not only for improving skin but also bacteria-free. It means that the cosmetic companies need to ensure that all bottles, tubes, and jars are properly sterilized before filling them. 

Normally, cosmetic companies use a procedure that has five different steps. We are explaining these steps in the following lines:

But before that, the companies need to arrange the following materials and substances:

70% Isopropyl Alcohol 

Paper towel

Cotton buds

Bottles, jars, and other packing products

Let us explore the steps now!

Cleaning and Soaking

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After ensuring that the bottles are empty, a cleaning procedure is initiated. For that, it is necessary to remove all the hard materials from these bottles. Sometimes, we can find some liquid or oil that can be developed during the manufacturing and delivery processes.

All these liquids must be removed from the bottles because the skincare products can react with these residues. Generally, warm water is used to achieve this target. Once, you have rinsed it, soaking is also necessary. Normally, companies leave these packing products overnight.

Rinsing Again

Once, you have completed the first phase, the second phase of rinsing is initiated. In this way, the companies can get success in removing any remaining residual products. After finishing the rinsing procedure, soaking is started in the same way as we have described previously.


It is time to boil now. Boiling is one of the best procedures through which you can remove numerous types of bacteria conveniently. However, the total time that is required for boiling is 10 minutes. More importantly, these materials can be very hot during the boiling procedure. Therefore, do not try to touch these bottles.

When you have boiled these products for 10 minutes, use tongs to get these products out from boiling water. After that, keep these bottles on a clean surface and allow them to cool down before touching them. You must be very careful in boiling plastic products.

The reason is that this material starts melting after some time. The best practice in this regard is to get plastic materials out when you may feel that you have provided enough heat. 

Use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for Rinsing These Products Now

When you find that bottles have been cooled down and dried completely, you can start the rinsing procedure with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. For that, you need to submerge these packing products completely. In this way, the companies can sanitize these bottles to the maximum level.

When you feel that you have fully sanitized, start rinsing again in 70% Isopropyl alcohol. However, at this point, you should pour some chemicals into each bottle and swish it properly. After that, you need to make these bottles empty and soak them.

Air Dry

It is time to finish the sterilization task. For that, you need to place a dry towel on the surface. More importantly, this towel must be a paper towel. After that, you need to keep the bottles upside down and leave them until you are confident that the bottles have dried out properly.

When it is done, you can start filling these bottles with the products that you want to pack. The best practice, in this case, is to leave the bottles for 24 hours in the same position. When you have finished it, you can confirm that all your products have been packed in the best-sterilized packing and packaging materials.

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