How PPE Supplies Can Reduce COVID 19 Transmission?

PPE supplies

Healthcare experts rely on Personal Protective Equipment daily to protect themselves from contagious infections and germs. However, with the advent of coronavirus pandemic worldwide, PPE supplies have become a necessity for every individual regardless of their profession.

The crisis of COVID-19 has led people to understand the importance of PPE. Wearing a mask and keeping a hand sanitizer has become the norm leading to conversations around the critical role of PPE supplies.

Definition of Personal Protective Equipment

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is a set of kits used to minimise exposure to workplace hazards that might cause illness, injury, or accidents. The injuries can be a result of chemical reactions, physical contact, electrical or mechanical damage, and others.  

It is important to note that PPE is assembled according to the requirements of different industries. A PPE kit for a hospital worker would be different from a construction worker. However, a PPE kit usually consists of gloves, safety glasses, disposable polythene aprons or bodysuits, head masks, ear masks or muffs, and respirators if necessary.

The Growing Demand for PPE Supplies

According to reports by Global Newswire in 2020, the PPE market was valued at $ 5,018.3 million in 2019 and expected to reach $ 8,024.4 million by 2027.

The increasing awareness of health safety after the pandemic is the critical benefactor behind the rising demand for PPE kits. Gloves, sanitizers, surgical face masks, headcovers, and face shields are among the top in-demand personal protective kits.

Lately, the demand for disposable polythene aprons has also been increasing. Earlier polythene aprons were used in hospitals and other healthcare units. But it has seen a rise in popularity in applications like food preparation or home cleaning as well.  These aprons minimise the contact between clothes and any product or person; however, the area it covers isn’t enough to give complete protection against the COVID-19 virus.

The Importance of PPE In Reducing COVID-19 Transmission

Healthcare workers are dangerously exposed to the coronavirus as they are working relentlessly amidst the infection. The importance of PPE cannot be stressed enough in this dire situation.

The Need to Protect Respiratory Organs

This the primary essential equipment for the prevention of coronavirus. The saliva is reportedly spreading from saliva and nose discharge when the infected person coughs or sneezes.

An N95 mask is the most efficient for health workers as they are constantly exposed to the risk. For regular wear, a reusable mask is a sensible option as a severe shortage of masks is a recurring occurrence in the market.

Covering your respiratory organs using a face mask or a face shield will keep the saliva and germs contained.  

Skin Protection

For the frontline workers, disposable gloves are imperative to reduce the contact between objects and them. On plastic and stainless steels, viable traces of COVID 19 have been found even after two or three days. Safety gloves prevent the hands from getting exposed to coronavirus on public surfaces.

If you live in a high-risk zone, disposable overshoes can help to provide you with maximum hygienic protection. Overalls or disposable aprons are also important to wear if someone is treating a patient or going in a high-risk zone.

Using the Personal Protective Equipment Correctly

There are some essentials to note before buying a PPE kit. Using relevant equipment and cleaning them is very crucial for a time like this. To ensure the efficiency of the PPE kit, the items must adequately be cleaned or disposed of after use. Hands must be washed after cleaning the PPE kit.

Some training needs to be given to wear the PPE correctly to ensure maximum protection. Any mishandling of the PPE, there would be a chance of cross-contamination. If the equipment doesn’t fit properly, it can also risk exposure to virus contamination.

PPE should be regularly assessed and examined properly to ensure that the kits are working correctly. No advance notice should be given as this allows the inspectors to get an actual scenario of the health code compliance maintained by an institution.

The role and use of PPE in the workplace should be maintained rigorously. Regardless of their profession, every individual should be using some sort of protection against the coronavirus. Quality PPE kits that include basic safety equipment like face masks, disposable polythene aprons, hand sanitizers, and surface sprays should be available in both offline and online stores for everyone.

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