September 22, 2021

Branded vs. Regular Packing Tapes- Which One is Better?

packing tapes

In today’s highly competitive market, customised packaging is a smart retail practice. Along with protecting goods, customised packaging gives you brand exposure by making packages more noticeable to your customers. Packing tapes serve great importance in the protective packaging of your products.

But with so many choices in the industry, especially with the advent of custom packing tapes- the dilemma of custom tapes vs. regular tapes remains.

To help you make a sensible decision, let’s look at some of the differences between regular packing tapes and customised packaging tapes.

Regular packaging tapes are a very practical, cost-effective, and powerful way to seal packing containers. On the other hand, custom tapes are a little more expensive and used by brands when they want to create brand awareness.

Here Are Some Advantages of Custom Packing Tapes:

  • The undeniable factor that motivates businesses to invest in marketing, content, and advertising is to create a brand identity. For online businesses, buyer’s impression holds a lot of value. The high-competitive and customer-driven market require proper promotion of the company. Custom printed tapes offer a more professional and memorable unpacking experience for its customers.
  • Shipping an item can require multiple steps. Special instructions for fragile items or cold storage can be communicated to the handler through printed tapes. Products get trampled or compressed due to mishandling, which can be avoided through customised tapes.
  • Using custom tapes makes it easy for supervisors to identify the products. This makes it easier to store or handle goods of different sizes and shapes.
  • Custom tapes also improve the traceability of shipped items. Tapes printed with the batch numbers or the details of the products can be traced easily, which is very useful in the food and medicine industry.

Keeping these benefits in mind, not every business requires custom printed packing tapes. Instead, regular tapes, which are efficient and costs much less, can be used. Some of the other benefits of normal packing tapes are:

  • Regular brown packing tapes are very resilient and durable. These tapes can keep the products sealed inside the container for a long time. A good quality brown packaging tape can work with temperature change, application change, or moisture change.
  • Some packing tapes can look like the part of the package due to their transparency or their brown tone, which helps them to camouflage against brown packing boxes.
  • Apart from adjusting in different temperatures, packaging tapes can be easily used in dirty environments. Certain rubber packing tapes work perfectly well in dusty places.
  • Being cost-efficient, regular packaging tapes can be restocked very quickly. Custom packing tapes need time to produce as they are made as per the order.

We have listed all the properties of custom tapes and regular tapes. Now let us talk about how to decide between the two packaging tapes for your business.

If You Are Working on A Constricted Budget

New start-up companies or even some home-based businesses work with a minimum budget. If you are working on a tight budget, you don’t need to invest in custom packing tapes. Start with the basics- solid corrugated boxes and brown carton sealing tapes. Your job will be done, and your customers will be happy.

If You Have A Small Budget for Packaging

Custom packing tapes are a perfect way to make brown boxes a bit more attractive. Even simple elements like adding your branding colour and logo on the customised packaging tapes will make a huge difference.

Custom tapes are simple packaging products that will secure your shipment, protect your products and promote your brand!

If You Want to Revamp Your Packaging Completely

Opting for an entire customised packaging for your business requires a lot of planning. Discuss to map out everything- colours, texts, logo, calligraphy, and so on. Don’t hesitate to try out several options to understand what works better for your company.

Suppose you are going for customised packaging. In that case, it is crucial to figure out what kind of message or experience you want for your customers. For instance, if you are looking for a luxurious unboxing experience, the use of colours, fonts will be different. You might want to add void fillers or cushioning materials. Again, if you are going for a peppier vibe, maybe using quirky printed boxes with paper tapes will bring the whole fun vibe together.

Overall, both custom tapes and regular packing tapes have some benefits and drawbacks. To make a well-informed decision, check out the websites of some reputed wholesale packaging companies like Packaging Midlands.

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