Why some fragrances don’t last longer?

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A fragrance completes your look, conveys mood or attitude, and adds uniqueness to your personality.  Some people stick to the same fragrance forever, and some change it as the mood strikes.  Either way, the moral is that everybody wants to smell good. But did you notice that not all perfume cosmetics last for long and dissipate almost immediately?  Well, there are several reasons that some fragrances stay for long while others do not. 

1. Skin: You must be surprised to know that your epidermis can be the culprit. This means that if you have dry skin, the perfume does not get absorbed in the skin. Hence smell evaporates faster. Apply a moisturiser that is not scented efore applying perfume. This will retain the fragrance of the perfume for longer.

2. Concentration:  Different perfumes have different levels of concentration.  Higher the concentration of essential oils more will be the fragrance, and long-lasting will be the scent. The concentration varies among product lines. The use of a higher alcohol percentage in perfumes makes them fade rapidly. 

3. Notes: Notes are something through which fragrances are made.  The three notes that make a perfume are the top note, middle note, and base note.  All these notes have different molecular weights and hence have different rates when applied. The top notes are the note that is sensed first in the perfume, they are less powerful and evaporates much quicker. The middle note takes more time than the top note. The last note is the base note that is much more powerful than the top and middle note and lasts for longer.  The base note helps in slowing down the evaporation of the top and middle notes.  This means that if the base note is strong, the designer perfume will last longer.

In this infographic below, you will find some amazing long-lasting options of women’s fragrance that you can use to keep yourself fresh and smelling good all day. These are affordable options that can be used on a regular basis.

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