October 23, 2021

3 Ways To Benefit Your Practice According to NextGen Software Reviews

Nextgen Software Reviews

There’s a lot to love when it comes to NextGen EMR. The software has a lot of efficient tools available and can help practices become more efficient. Plus, NextGen software reviews have some very interesting things to say about the solution. Read on to learn what hidden gems you can find in some of NextGen’s reviews!

About NextGen EMR software

NextGen is a software provider that supplies practices with a solution known as the NextGen office. The software, which was initially called MediTouch, is a solution accessible on the cloud. NextGen was created with the needs of independent practices in mind. 

NextGen was created all the way back in 1998 with the insight of two doctors. They envisioned a future where practices could run smoother and be more efficient. The software is designed to be easy-to-use, so your workflow is never slowed down or conflicted. 

Part of the NextGen Office suite is a practice management solution that has been well integrated into their services. This allows practices to carry out work designed for their practices. It also includes a tool to manage claims and offers the option of a patient portal.

The software can work on any computer or tablet device and comes with a built-in touch-screen compatible feature. You can access NextGen simply using any web browser, knowing that the software is  HIPAA compliant. This ensures all your data and patient information is kept safe. 

What Features Does NextGen Offer?

As mentioned above in this article, NextGen has a lot to offer to practices. Between its various solutions, there are a number of features that stand out in NextGen software reviews. These features help practices ensure they are at the top of their game, with no compromise made towards the quality of care offered to their patients. 

Here are some of the top-rated features recommended by NextGen software reviews:

Create Clinical Notes Seamlessly

There are a lot of ways that NextGen makes the creation of clinical notes easy. For example, you can use a dropdown menu to create a new patient all by yourself. Patients can provide you with their information using a simple form. The form is available through the patient portal, and the information is sent over to their chart record. 

The chart is then automatically updated with information provided by patients so there’s no double entry or manual entry required from you. The best part is, you can always add to the information with what you know. Entry can be carried out using typing or voice dictating. 

Your charts and notes can also be enriched with images. For example, if you take a photo from your tablet device, you can add it in. The information in the image can provide important context to the observations you made during your examination. 

Prescribe Medications and Manage Labs

It can be risky to prescribe medications to your patients. If you have incomplete information, or you aren’t paying attention, you may prescribe medication that can trigger interactions or allergies. This is why NextGen is a great tool. The software automatically looks out for any harm that can be caused by allergies or interactions. 

The software can intuitively recall the frequently prescribed directions for medications and add them to your prescription. This is doubly insightful because that information is then sent out to a pharmacy preferred by the patient. The pharmacies your patients prefer can be saved within your chart system.

You can also use the software to order tests with labs online. The benefit is, as soon as you get the results, they are saved by NextGen. The software then helps you create dynamic graphs of the results across a certain time period. This allows you to keep track of how patients are doing, particularly those that require chronic care. 

Schedule Appointments Instantly

One of the most well-liked features of NextGen according to NextGen software reviews is the scheduling tool. You can set up appointments by going to the scheduling calendar, which allows you to color-code by the provider. The calendar will show all appointments for a given time, and new appointments can be created with ease.

An already entered appointment can just be dragged to a new slot to change the date, time, or doctor. Your patients can also proactively request appointments if needed through access to their patient portal. They will be reminded of their slot by an automatic reminder, which can be sent through text, email, or call. 

What Do NextGen Software Reviews Say?

There are a lot of hidden gems in NextGen software reviews about how the software performs. After all, if you really want to know what software can offer to practices, your best bet is to read reviews. These reflect the actual experiences of any practitioners. Therefore, they are an excellent resource that gives us information about NextGen.

Here are some of the most notable benefits of using NextGen mentioned in NextGen software reviews. One of the first benefits that are noted is that the software is designed intuitively. This means that it is easy to navigate. For example, retrieving information about the patient, such as medications, is quick. 

The software is also easy to learn and implement and offers new methods to maintain treatment and care for patients. The customer support team is always available, and can easily solve issues when needed. 

According to other reviews, the benefit is that the software can work on any device and is compatible with all browsers. It offers a collaborative approach to medical practice management and can adapt to the needs of the doctor. 

How is the NextGen Software Pricing?

NextGen software pricing plans may change depending on the users, the number of claims, and the type of users. You can request a quote from the company by reaching out and letting them know details about your practice. 

Should I Get a NextGen Software Demo?

It is time to research whether NextGen is right for you. While we cannot make a recommendation for you, we can give you some advice. You already know what the NextGen software reviews say, but perhaps it is a good idea to get a demo too. This will allow you to decide how well the software might work for you.

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