September 22, 2021

Benefits of Using Corrugated Cardboard for Packaging

Packaging Removal Boxes

Today, even with so many options in the market, corrugated cardboard boxes are the most in-demand packaging material for shipping fragile items.

Made out of arched paper attached in between two liners, corrugated boxes have an advanced design. This “fluting” helps ensure that the containers can carry heavy weights and give protection against moisture and impacts of the road.

Some of the reasons why corrugated boxes are so important in the packaging industry are:

Provides Protective Packaging Solution

Most businesses use these double-wall corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping items to a long distance. Their structural design helps to keep products protected from mishandling and temperature changes.

Right now, they are one of the most efficient protective packaging supplies the market offers. Fragile content like glass, electronic appliances, chemicals, fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items remains intact in these boxes.

Due to so many layers, corrugated cartons are very strong and tear-resistant. So, no matter how roughly the carton gets handled by the shippers, it keeps the product safe.

Cost-Effective Packaging

Another reason to use a corrugated box for businesses is its affordability. Quality corrugated boxes are cheap when bought in bulk. They don’t require high costs during production even though they are specially manufactured.

Also, due to the materials, these boxes are lightweight, which keeps the shipping cost low. This is a blessing for businesses as transport companies charge the overall weight of the package.

A Lot of Flexibility

Corrugated boxes are super flexible. There can be size variations and these cartons are available in single wall, double wall, or triple wall. In addition, some shipping companies can provide you with custom size corrugated boxes.

These cartons can be used to pack a lot of different items in different shapes.

Recyclable and Biodegradable

Corrugated removal boxes are eco-friendly packing materials. They are composed of paper pulp; therefore, they are biodegradable. Most corrugated boxes in the market are made from 70-100% recyclable materials.

In fact, U.K is one of the leading countries to produce recycled corrugated boxes. Even when customers get packaging in corrugated boxes, most of them are reused for storing products.


If you are manufacturing heavy products like electronic items, you probably don’t want to make the packaging to be heavy, right? It will add to the shipping cost and have a high chance of getting dropped.

Corrugated cartons are lightweight yet extremely robust. They are convenient for shoppers to lift and don’t compromise on the safety of the products.

Super Easy to Customise

There are many reasons why these cardboard boxes are ideal for shipping. It comes in a variety of sizes, adhesives, types, weights, etc. The basic design is pretty simple—it is a brown box. However, if you are shipping oddly shaped products, you can buy corrugated cardboard rolls and fold the boxes accordingly. These boxes can be printed, customised with high-resolution graphics. Corrugated boxes can be easily personalised to fit any product specification, making them super reliable.

Helps With Company Branding

As said before, corrugated cartons are easy to customise. This helps a great deal with the company’s branding and promotion. Personalised packaging in corrugated boxes helps to create a professional outlook for the company. It is reported that 42% of people share a product’s packaging on their social media pages.

You can add some personal touches like notes, ‘thank you’ cards, coupons, and vouchers to earn the loyalty of your customers.

Convenient to Handle and Store

Convenience is a substantial factor when it comes to product packaging. Corrugated boxes are easy to handle during loading and unloading items. Small businesses don’t have huge warehouses. Thus, they need packing supplies that don’t take a lot of space. Corrugated boxes can be folded and stacked in small spaces, making them easy to store.

What protective packing are you using for your products? If you want to keep your goods secured and protected, corrugated boxes are the best solution. And for the best quality packaging supplies, visit Packaging Express.

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