October 23, 2021

Top Pain Management EMR 2021

pain management emr

Why a Pain Management EHR Is Important

Running a pain management clinic can be a pain itself and you need all hands on deck to manage it. We have a few software recommendations that can help you operate your practice and deal with all the patients. The EMR for pain management automates administrative tasks and brings everything online. With a system in place you only need to focus on the patients’ care and forget about scheduling and calling to send out appointment reminders. The software simplifies everything and makes your job easier.

If you are looking for the best EMR for pain management then read on for our list of recommended software. In the following article, we have outlined the salient features of a few EMR for pain management that focus on smooth workflows of the practice and help you provide the best care to your patients.


DrChrono is a wonderful software with loyal users who have been using it for many years. The best feature of this EMR for pain management is that it integrates other software so you can handle billing and management all in one place. This way everything is connected and there is no need to look up data or switch windows. You can manage the practice with no trouble and enjoy the ease of use.

DrChrono offers an amazing scheduling module that allows you to streamline all your appointments. You can even increase the number of patients you see today because it has an organized chart and even sends out reminders to ensure no one misses their appointment. More appointments means bigger revenue and soon you will see your practice growing before your eyes.


RXNT is another software that deserves the title of the best EMR for pain management. They have many features and modules all packaged into one solution. The most stand-out feature is that RXNT is user-friendly and has a very easy to use interface. This means you can learn how to use it in your own and reduce the time spent on training new users. Many doctors value the intuitiveness of the tool because they cannot spare time learning it.

The EMR solution also has a great billing feature wit autofill options so there is little room for error. You can simplify the process of insurance payments as well. All medical practices will benefit from the convenience that RXNT offers.


The best thing about NextGen is that it has a top-notch patient portal. You can consider it an EMR for pain management that takes patients into account as well. They can log in and check their medical reports or download prescriptions. It is also possible to manage profiles and schedule appointments. The billing information is also available to them which increases their trust in your practice. Converting everything to the electronic infrastructure also reduces the administrative load on the staff and helps them focus on much more important tasks that add value to the pain management center.

You can also use NextGen to check whether a patient is eligible for medical insurance before processing the bill so there are no errors. It makes reimbursement a breeze for medical institutes by expediting the process.


AdvancedMD is a leading pain management EMR software that takes the fourth spot on our list. The system has a unique dashboard with everything placed for easy access. Users have no trouble navigating the different modules. It is very easy to get used to it and will eventually become your second nature because of all the thought that went into designing it.

It is a cloud-based software which means the users can consult the files and check schedules on the go. You just need to have your login credentials and the AdvancedMD app on your phone and it is easy as that. There is no longer any need to worry about missing out on something important because you are not in the hospital.

EpicCare EMR

Last but not least is EpicCare EMR which is undoubtedly one of the best EMR for pain management. It facilitates the smooth running of a pain management medical facility. Their e-Prescription feature can help doctors prescribe medicine and list down medicine. It helps patients connect with pharmacies and get whatever they need instead of calling the hospital to confirm the quantity and name of the drugs.

EpicCare EMR also has a telehealth feature that has been very useful during the pandemic. You can schedule an appointment for virtual consultation and avoid the risk of interacting with people and being exposed to viruses. It offers a smooth video connection and you can also reach out to older patients who find it difficult to come in or those living in inaccessible areas that want to seek medical attention.

Which Software Should You Choose?

We recommend that you choose a software that is most suited to your practice’s needs. While all the software have a pain management feature and are suggested for such clinics, it is better to get a demonstration of the software from the provider before you sign any contracts.

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