DrChrono EHR Review – The Role of Patient Communication

DrChrono EHR Review

Slowly and gradually, changes are coming to the way that we communicate. This includes communication between doctors, practice staff members, and most importantly, with the patient. This means that software, such as electronic health records and practice management, is having to keep up with patient expectations.

In this DrChrono EHR review, we will be discussing the tools for text communication available to interact with patients. The software has a number of tools that can be used in conjunction with everyday features that can facilitate communication. Read on to learn more about how this kind of patient communication works!

The Impact of Text Communication on Patient Engagement

In this day and age, there is a rapid increase in communication across all platforms and areas. This doesn’t just impact the healthcare industry – the entire world relies on means of transparent communication. After all, with the advent of technology like the smartphone, this was inevitable. Patients are now more likely to utilize their phones when getting care.

However, there has been a hesitance to utilize texting as a form of communication. While in-app and online messaging is still prevalent, texting remains a major source of interaction. As long as practices take care to adhere to guidelines regulated by HIPAA, they should be able to use texting with patients. This is a proven form of quick communication. 

Providing avenues for texting makes access to care all the easier for patients. It makes things easy and improves the chances of quality engagement with patients. Having texting on your side also helps you make sure your patients are happy. However, instead of a phone call, it remains a less intrusive alternate that all younger generations feel comfortable with. 

Text messages are typically read more often. They are also read quicker and are accessible as long as someone has access to telecommunication signals. You don’t have to wait till a patient opens their email or patient portal. You also don’t have to wait till the patient has a secure internet connection till you feel like they can hear you. 

All in all, as you will find in this DrChrono EHR review, having texting on your side can be beneficial. It helps you expand your reach to patients and even cut on staff labor. Such communication is quick, easy to maintain, and easy to carry out with DrChrono. 

Implementing Communication With DrChrono EHR Software

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, alternative mechanisms for interaction with patients are on the rise. This has allowed doctors to explore what other platforms exist for communication. Phone calls may not work, but they may involve a long time spent holding and waiting. Alternatively, texts are quick, functional, and user-friendly. 

Keeping a light, yet formal tone can help to make texts useful in this context. You shouldn’t sound like a robot, but not a best friend either. The texting tools should be integrated into your EHR or telemedicine software so all information is in one place. This allows you to protect patient privacy and also manage everything more effectively. 

Tips For Improving Patient Communication

Now that we know all about communicating through texts, and the role of DrChrono, let’s go further. Here are some tips from our DrChrono EHR review on how you can use texting. These tools will help you improve overall engagement and communication. 

Send Texts For Appointment Reminders

Sending out texts as reminders for appointments can be a great mechanism to cut down on missed visits. The reminders will help keep patients on track. You can also use the text to offer options for rescheduling or canceling appointments to avoid lost time. 

Create A Stronger Bond With Patients

Texting can also be utilized to help build a stronger reputation. Trusting your patients to leave reviews really helps to deepen the bond between physician and doctor. After a patient visit, all you need to do is ask the patient to go to a popular review site and be transparent. 

Convert Chats To Texts

If you have patients who are hesitating to talk by text, you can start with online chats. With a deeper establishment of trust, the communication can then be shifted to a texting platform. This allows you to reach out to patients without them getting worried about you.

Collect Payments Using Text Messages

Reminding patients of unpaid bills can also happen through texts. This strategy helps to keep payment at the forefront of the patient’s mind. After a visit, you can just send over a reminder of the payable with a link to where they can pay. 

Follow Up Your Communication

For chronically ill patients, text communication can be a tool for constant engagement. This allows patients to receive care without having to come to see you, and also helps with adherence. Texts that ask patients about their treatment plan, or even reminds them of scheduled appointments can boost engagement. 

DrChrono EHR Review – The Importance of Communication

So, now you know that texting is a crucial tool to navigate interaction with patients. While you may have gotten valuable information from this DrChrono EHR review, where do you go from here? Well, you may be wondering how to get the software implemented for you.

You are ultimately the best judge of software for your practice. However, some measures can help you decide on whether DrChrono is a good option. For example, check how compatible your budget is with the DrChrono EHR price. Another way to double-check is by requesting a DrChrono EHR demo. 

All of these tools will help you see if DrChrono EHR is actually workable for your practice. Try comparing features from the software to what you expect from a good EHR. This can be an indicator if it is closer to your ideal choice. 

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