Saudi Arabia Released A New Norm for Travel Relaxation to Vaccinated Citizens

Saudi Arabia Visa

In the past few months with an outbreak of coronavirus, traveling has been banned in the Saudi nation to raise concerns of the virus this could make a huge impact on foreign citizens who were studying abroad in Saudi nations as well as citizens of Saudi nations. Recently kingdom has been vaccinated at rapid rates with at least most of the residents got one jab of the COVID-19 vaccines. The official would allow Vaccinated Saudis to travel abroad in a more than 1-year kingdom has taken this step as the country eases a ban on international travel.

How to Apply for Saudi Visa?

Saudi Arabia is a nation that offers exemplary services not only to its residents but also to tourists across the globe. To apply for Saudi Arabia Visa, you have to make applications by fill up forms by third-party agencies. Unique Visa Services are registered licensed agency facilitate convenient visa services to their clients with low charges and better connectivity. If you are going to apply for Saudi Visa for any category like business visa, tourist visa, student visa, resident visa, work visa, and so on then you are required to fill the application form first then submit it to the Saudi embassy in the UK along with the necessary documents. You need to also submit 2 passport-size photographs based on your eligibility criteria your application is under scrutiny either may be rejected or approved as per the details provided by the applicants. But in this visa application process, it is vital to have a valid passport with 6 months of validity from the application date. The validity period of a Saudi visa is also dependent on which categories of visa you are going to apply for. For instance, the validity of a work visa is a maximum of 90 days from issuing date, and the validity of the family visa is up to 60 days. The processing time of visa application should take around 4 to 5 working days.

For a Business visit in Saudi, an applicant needs to carry a recommendation letter from the Chamber of Commerce. A business visa is applicable for those applicants who visit Saudi for prior business visits like attending meetings, conferences, etc. Unique Visa Services will diligently provide all routine visa services. To schedule an interview appointment, you may contact our officials. We will further inform you.

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