5 Ways Healthland EMR Can Boost Your Practice

Healthland EHR

Maintaining a smaller practice can come with its own challenges. You often have fewer resources, and only have access to a smaller team. This means that you need all the support you can get to maintain your work and keep it organized. In such a situation, the use of software like Healthland EMR can make a huge difference in your practice. 

About Healthland EMR

Healthland EMR is medical software that can be used to keep things organized at your practice. It is software that comes with electronic medical records and practice management tools. One of the very interesting things about Healthland EMR is that it was created for small practices. It has special tools to help serve small and rural groups as patients. 

The great thing is, Healthland isn’t just a solution to help you keep patient charts and records safe. The software also comes with a number of tools that can aid in practice management. When you view your administrative duties as a series of tasks, the software can help. With Healthland, you set up a workflow that can help you manage all of your tasks effectively. 

Features of Healthland EMR

Here are some of the features of Healthland EMR that can have a crucial impact on your practice. We’ve narrowed all the amazing features to five tools that can help boost productivity ar your practice. 

Streamlined Communication

One way to really ensure your practice is immediately boosted in terms of productivity is through better communication. The features of Healthland help you make this happen, especially internally. The software encourages communication between doctors, nurses, office managers, and staff. This makes sure everyone is updated about any issues.

This is also useful as you can get work done faster. Decisions can be made quicker about the practice and its patients. Ultimately, better communication between the internal staff leads to better outcomes for all.

Customizable Dashboard

Healthland EMR comes with an incredible dashboard. This allows you to organize all of the tasks that need to be completed. Tasks are arranged in order of priority so you always know what needs the most attention. That’s not all, the dashboard is also customizable. It can be changed to address various things.

You can place some features in quick access so you can easily find them when needed. Instead of having to look for things, you can put the regular tools you use on the dashboard. That way they can be accessed any time you need anything from the software. 

Decreased Documentation Issues

We are all human, and we all make errors. Even doctors, who have been trained to minimize their errors, are not completely free of the risk. However, when making patient documents, errors can be extremely dangerous.

This is why Healthland helps you cut down the errors possible while filling out documentation. It does this by automating the process and offering you tips and reminders. These help you be cognizant of any errors, and can also help you cut down on time!

Easy Staff Management

Managing a practice is about a lot more than just seeing patients every day and filling out forms. When you use Healthland EMR, you also get access to tools that can assist you with the everyday basics of practice management. You can use the software to create schedules for your staff, manage payrolls, and even keep records.

This makes the life of any office manager much easier and streamlines things for the providers. They do not have to stress about conflicts in the calendar or issues with their payments. Everything is streamlined because of the software!

Quick Lab Orders

Instead of relying on outdated lab order slips, you can send orders for tests directly to labs using Healthland EMR. The software helps you cut down on precious time. The results, when obtained, are sent straight to your software.

The results help you make a clear diagnosis for your patients, and so you can get them as quickly as possible. This will make it easier to do your job. Test results can also be attached to your patient’s record so all information is in one place. 

Healthland EMR Demo

Are you interested in seeing all of these features and examining how they work in real-time? You should reach out to the vendor so you can request a Healthland EMR demo. This is a tour of the software that can show you what the software has to offer. The demo is also a great time to ask questions as an expert is available to answer any queries. 

Healthland EMR Pricing

The Healthland EMR pricing is not explicitly stated online. However, that’s nothing to worry about! You can get access to the software pricing by reaching out to the vendor. They may ask you questions about your practice and then will create a customized quote for you. With information about your practice, they can give you a clearer idea of the pricing. 

Healthland EMR Reviews

The software has garnered good reviews for its administrative tools. It may need a bit of a learning curve to get it right, but the features offered are useful for small practices. According to Healthland EMR reviews, the software also has a lot of customizability. It can adapt to various situations and continue to be a good option for practices. 

Is Healthland EMR The Right Software For Me?

The answer to your question can only be answered with knowledge of your practice and what context it works in. You are the only person who can understand whether Healthland EMR is the right software for your needs. However, we can make suggestions for the research you can do in order to get a clear answer.

A great place to start is always reading through as many reviews as you can. This will help you see what other practices think of Healthland. You can also reach out for a demo to see the software in action! The idea is to gather as much information as you can about Healthland. This will make it clear to you whether it will work for your practice or not. 

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