September 22, 2021

Myths Related to Web Designing and Web Development

Web Designing and Web Development

Because some people say, if someone is a web designer, then he should have knowledge of graphic design as well as the language used in web development such as HTML, CSS, JAVA Script. And if there is a web developer then he should know all the programming languages ​​used in the backend of the website like PHP, Python, Java, Node.

The job of a web designer is to design the website. For which he uses tools like photoshop, illustrator, and mockup so that he can design a website by graphics, images, and some text, after which he sends it to the frontend developer for the next process.

The job of Frontend Developer is to convert that given website picture design into a real website by coding. For which he uses coding languages like HTML, CSS, JAVA Script.

Backend Developer works on the server-side and database through the programming language on that created website so that the frontend and backend of the website can be integrated with each other.

Full Stack Developer This is a person who is skilled in both Frontend and Backend who can do all the work related to the website well, so he tests all the processes and functionality of the website so that he can find out that the website If there are any bugs or coding issues of any kind, then I can fix it, so that the visitors coming to the website do not have any problem or problem.

Differences between Web Designing and Web Development?

In web designing, there is a special focus on visual creative such as Graphic Design, UX/UI Design. Whereas in web development, work is done on the coding base so that the structure and backend core of the website can be created such as Visual Elements, Database, and API.

What is Web Designing?

The designing process of the website is called Web Designing, under which the five elements are main, which are graphic, layout, content, font, colors, through tools like Photoshop and illustrator, a complete website design is prepared followed by HTML, CSS. A real website is changed using JavaScript languages.

What is Web Development?

Web Development Coding is called the work of creating a website which is made for the Internet so that we can share our service and information or any kind of data online. This is a technical work in which apart from creating the website, work is also done on the web application API and Business Logic of the website so that user requests and user data can be processed. For which Markup, Scripting, and Programming Language are used, if you learn a web development course, then you will get the chance to know about web development skills and it’s languages.

There are three types of web development?

In the web development field, Web Developers are divided into three parts, although people mostly know about Front-end & Backend Web Developers there are very few people who know about Full Stack Web Developers, this is because it takes time to build a complete website. From “Web Designer” to “Frontend” and “Backend” Web Developers, all the work is done in between.

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

Full Stack Developer is a web developer who is skilled in all development work related to (client-side scripting) and (server-side scripting). Therefore “full stack web developer” has good knowledge of all the languages ​​used in Frontend and Backend such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Frameworks, and PHP, Python, ASP, Node, etc.

What is the job of a Full Stack Developer?

A Full Stack Developer mostly works on Database, Business Logic, and API Systems in the backend, so that the (server-side) of the website can be made better and faster.

A Full Stack Developer has a good hold in everything from Programming to Designing such as UX/Ui, Frontend, Business logic, API, Backend, Database, this is because Full Stack Developer is the only person in this IT field. One who has worked on everything and has 4-5 years of experience in almost everything.

According to Stackoverflow, about 55% of the developers identify themselves as Full Stack developers and about 20% consider themselves to be mobile developers, which clearly shows how much demand Full Stack Developers are in today’s time.

When to do Web Designing and Web Development?

You can do a web design course in Delhi after high school, but I personally believe that it is a skill and we can learn any skill whenever we want, so it depends on you when you want to learn your school timing. in or after. Because just as we learn computers along with studying in our school timing, in the same way, you can also learn it with your studies because you have two options to learn it, first Online Courses, through which you can study at home. But you can learn by staying and the other offline i.e. by joining any institute.

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