September 22, 2021

If You Take Care Like this, then the Furniture Will Run for Years and Years.

furniture tips and ideas

Taking care of the expensive furniture of the house is very difficult. Often I do not understand how to decorate the furniture.

Protect from sunlight

Due to the sunlight coming from the windows, if the temperature is rising up to 40 degrees, then this temperature can destroy the fine finish and beauty of your garden and Patio Furniture Sets. Due to such high temperatures, the wood can shrink and cracks appear in them. Therefore, keep the furniture in such a place where there is no direct sunlight or use protective film on the windows.

Clean carefully

Wood furniture needs a lot of care. It is necessary to clean the furniture properly at least once a week. Especially if you live in a traffic or dusty part. The vigorous rubbing of a dry cloth can cause scratches on your garden furniture set. In this case, use a soft and clean cloth. You can use a sponge duster soaked in soapy water to remove sticky soil or cigarette smoke stains.

Remove stains fast

If furniture is accidentally stained, clean it as soon as possible. The new stain is easily removed from the furniture.

Protect from termites

Antique furniture is at risk from termites. Especially in wooden furniture, so be sure to use termite repellents when using them. Keep checking your furniture from time to time to see if it is not termite and keep polishing the paste resistance. A coat of aloe vera can be used on furniture as a temporary solution to termites.

Be careful when you have pets in the house

If there are pets in the house, then be more careful about the furniture. Get these four-legged members into the habit of baskets instead of furniture. Their hair, nails can damage the furniture.

Caution when changing places

Nowadays people love to experiment with the space of furniture. Bubble wrap is very important when moving furniture. Or cushions can be used so that they do not get scratched. If the rattan corner sofa sets is being moved to a new place, then the service of packers and movers can be taken for this.

how to maintain wooden furniture

A classy and royal look comes when there is wooden furniture in the houses. It showcases a mix of architecture and old age in the house. Old wooden furniture is also in high demand nowadays and everyone likes it. But wooden furniture has to be maintained the most. Its maintenance and cleaning is very difficult. Many types of problems also come in this – such as: termites, dust ingress, etc.

With the passage of time, the luster of wooden furniture starts to fade, so it is also necessary to get it painted every two to three years. Sometimes, tea or coffee stains also fall on the Rattan Dining Sets or central table etc., due to which the shine of the furniture becomes ugly. Here are some ways in which you can keep furniture clean, shiny and stainless:

1) Mineral oil and lemon

Mix mineral oil and lemon in the right quantity and apply it on wooden furniture. This will remove the dust accumulated on the furniture and it will shine. Lemon is known as a cleansing agent. After applying it, wipe it off with a clean cloth. Apply it in every corner of the furniture so that it does not look unsightly later. Do this process two to three times to get a good shine.

2) Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly, a type of natural substance with oily properties, is applied to restore the shine of furniture. Everyone has jelly in their homes, apply it on your finger and carefully apply it on the furniture. Do not completely soak the furniture with jelly, but apply it lightly everywhere. If the jelly is tight, add water to it and then apply. In this way the luster of wooden furniture is maintained.

3) Turpentine and beeswax

Cleaning wooden furniture by mixing equal amounts of turpentine and beeswax makes it shine. Termites also get away with its use. Make a paste of it and keep using it from time to time. After applying it, wipe the furniture with a wet cloth.

4) Mayonnaise In addition to being tasted in salads and pasta, it can be used to clean furniture. Stains on wooden furniture can be easily removed with mayonnaise. Water, food, pen and many other stains can also be easily removed. Mayo is known to get rid of stubborn stains.

5) Olive oil Any type of wooden furniture can be given a good shine with olive oil. From time to time, spray olive oil on the furniture. In all these ways the furniture can be placed properly. 

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