September 21, 2021

Top 5 Bookkeeping Practices To Follow As A Doctor


Being a doctor you face challenges every day, long hours, complex systems, time demands, care for your patient’s health and well being.

Occupied with all this you do not get enough time to compile your taxes, manage office billings and look after any financial error.

With no or less knowledge about the bookkeeping service for doctors or with no time to manage the accounts, doctors struggle a lot with inaccurate or late financial data. You already have so much on your plate that triple checking bills, administration and tax responsibilities become a hectic task.

Medical practice’s work on a type of trust structure that differs from other industries, they have specialists, multiple doctors, consulting doctors and many others who are accountable to them. Some doctors while working independently also share rooms, systems and staff in medical centres, each doctor has to maintain its own billing, day to day performance which can result in tedious calculations.

Some billing errors that can occur in doctor’s office:

  • The most common mistake that is made in a doctor’s office or medical centre is payroll mistake. Producing incorrect bonuses or mishandling handling overtime payments can cause unnecessary costs.
  • Producing unreliable reports can confuse you regarding where your office is going. Accurate financial reports are important as they can help you judge your office’s performance better.

5 ideas to maintain a well-structured bookkeeping service for doctors:

Here are some ideas of bookkeeping service for doctorsthat can help them maintain their accounts in spite of their busy schedules.

1. Hire an accounting and bookkeeping firm:

Medical practice managers do not have enough time to entertain the suppliers calling them asking for payments. Being so busy in their schedule it’s not easy for medical practitioners to cater all their suppliers and their demands, an accounting firm can help them look after their suppliers and their payments.

Doctors work so hard, giving duties 24/7 at medical centres; you don’t need staff checking that you rover time hours have not been processed correctly. Hiring a bookkeeping service for doctors will free you from this hassle.

All your invoices will be cleared on time; it’s a disappointment to have your invoices flagged when needed. Taking these services will keep your account well structured.

2. Keep a track of your cash flow:

Being a doctor it might not be easy for you to manage time to understand the accounting details but having a bit of knowledge would be great.

Keeping a regular track of your cash flow can be useful when building financial trajectories. Tracking your cash flows can give you the knowledge to anticipate your expenses and allocate your incomes.

3. Keep your personal and professional accounts separate:

There’s nothing wrong in dipping in your personal accounts but using your personal account professionally can be troublesome. Having a separate account can help your accountant or bookkeeper see how much money is being spent.

Properly distinguish your both accounts, which means keep your credit cards and account associated things separately. So that your cash payments received from medical centres can be overlooked.

4. Communicate with your accountant:

When you work with other professionals to manage your bookkeeping services for doctors, always clear your confusions if you have any regarding the terms used. You are a doctor not an accountant or bookkeeper you don’t need to be up to date regarding the accounting terminologies.

Make your accountant a part of your team; discuss your bookkeeping queries with them. They should be at your back and tip you regarding your financial decisions.

5. Double entry bookkeeping:

Double entry bookkeeping is a very useful way of bookkeeping. In this method you enter your expense and also what you gained from that expense. This will help you purchasing your tools and supplements from your suppliers.

You can write all your details such as:

  • Vendor payments
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Expense reports
  • Weekly payroll
  • Cash flow

Write down all these details in your bookkeeping and also note what you’re gaining from all these expenses. This method will help you make best decisions for your doctor’s office. You don’t need physical books to mention all of these details you can use any good software to keep you updated.

These days there are useful bookkeeping software for doctorsthat can save you from all your accounts related hassle.

By following taking the professional bookkeeping services for doctor, you can save yourself from a big hassle and concentrate more on your medical practices.

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