October 23, 2021

What is health insurance?

MAPFRE offers many options when hiring insurance, designed for all those who want to obtain the best personal coverage and for their family nucleus. Being protected against any eventuality will give you the peace of mind of living without complications. MAPFRE has the necessary coverage for any particular situation.

A health insurance It is the coverage that provides compensation or reimbursement for any medical expense that arises as a result of an accident or illness. Also called medical insurance, health insurance implies the contracting of a policy that commits the insurance company to cover the expenses related to medical treatments that are indicated in the contract. These can be medical, hospital, clinical or pharmacological expenses, and can result from an accident or illness. The insurer must pay a monthly premium that covers him and his beneficiaries burdens. In order to collect the reimbursement, it is necessary for the doctor or the medical service provider to complete the form provided by the insurance company, in case of an accident or a disease is diagnosed

Types of health insurance

It is not enough just to know what health insurance is, it is also necessary to know the different types of insurance that exist. Basically, these insurances are divided into two types: catastrophic or major expense insurance, and supplementary health insurance or minor expenses. The former offers emergency coverage and high-cost benefits. For those under 30 years of age, it is a convenient insurance, since they tend to have low monthly premiums and a high deductible. For its part, supplementary health insurance covers all or part of the copayment (that is, the “bonus”) that a user of a medical service who is affiliated with an isapre or Fonasa must make.

Regarding health insurance, MAPFRE offers Salud 7, which is catastrophic insurance that deals with high-cost illnesses or accidents, and Family Oncology Insurance, which assumes the costs after a cancer diagnosis. Each of them has different coverages: Salud 7 offers 100% coverage against hospital expenses and Family Oncology Insurance has four plans, ranging from 200 UF to 500 UF. Of course, our website will tell you more about the particular coverage of each policy.

Without a doubt, being protected by MAPFRE is the best alternative to live with peace of mind and the confidence of knowing that someone will answer for us if we need it. Knowing the different types of insurance and knowing which one is the most appropriate for each particular case is the optimal way to choose the most convenient one.

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