October 23, 2021

Frequently asked questions about Caser mobile insurance

What do I have to deliver to take out mobile insurance from Caser?

Remember that from Caser they have to be sure that it has been less than 16 days since you bought your smartphone to formalize the policy. Thus, at the time of contracting, you will have to deliver a purchase invoice or a delivery note .

Does Caser’s home insurance also cover mobile phones?

No, related to this, Caser’s home insurance includes computer assistance , in which an expert will solve your computer problems. For mobiles and tablets, you have to take out these specific policies.

Do mobile and tablet insurance have a grace period?

No, you can enjoy the policy from the first day you hire it to the last . Keep in mind that these insurances are annual and you can only extend them for one more year.

My mobile has been stolen, how can I report it to Caser?

First of all, cancel your mobile. Caser only covers fraudulent calls if you have disconnected the phone within 72 hours after the theft. 

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