October 23, 2021

Simple Steps To Include Two Or More Songs In A TikTok Video



TikTok has grown so popular in recent months and requires a great deal of creativity. Making video content with numerous music is an excellent approach to differentiate oneself from other content providers.

We’ll teach you how to include two or more songs into your TikTok video to create more exciting and engaging videos in this post.

Enhance the Video with Two Songs Utilizing TikTok

To begin, we’ll use the most straightforward route. TikTok offers hundreds of sounds and music to enhance the entertainment and engagement of your videos. You can check out the Flatfitty TikTok hearts to improve your TikTok video engagement when you come up with uploading a video content merging two or multiple songs . While the software lacks a native feature for adding over one song instantly, you could still use it to add several pieces of music to a single TikTok video.

How to Incorporate Two Sounds

It’s simple to upload TikTok videos. However, posting videos on TikTok with two or more music requires a few additional procedures, but they are well worth it. You may combine numerous pieces of music or create a transition between them. It is how:

  • To begin creating the first one of two videos, open TikTok and touch on the + sign at the bottom.
  • By pressing the red record option, you may record something or upload a video from your phone’s camera roll by clicking the Upload option.
  • If you selected to upload a video, tap the video you wish to use and press Next. Trim your video here, and then press Next in the top right corner.
  • On the bottom left side, tap on Sounds.
  • Choose the sound you wish to use. After that, press anywhere to return to the home screen. Now, hit Next to proceed.
  • Ensure that Save to Device is enabled. Then choose Who may view this video. Choose Only Me.
  • Submit a video. Till you choose to make it private, no one else will be able to see it.
  • Your video will now be saved to the camera roll on your phone.
  • Now, we’re going to re-upload the exact video (follow steps 1-3). Then you may add additional sound and post your multi-sound video.

Both sounds would play simultaneously by default, but you may cut and modify the level to perfect your latest TikTok post.

Adapt Your Audio

To edit your video content, press the scissor symbol at the bottom of the Sounds menu to trim. Adjust the slider to the position where you’d want the second song to begin. Then, press Volume to toggle between the actual footage and the new songs. You’re now ready to post your video on TikTok with many unique sounds.


It might take more minutes of fiddling with the two video content before they are perfectly aligned. What we discovered when exploring possibilities for uploading a video on TikTok with several sounds:

  • If you wish to capture with a transition (playing one song, followed by the other), begin by recording your second sound. Using the slider in the trim feature as described previously simplifies adjusting the sound for the re-uploaded movie.
  • Remove all audio from the first video content you post. It would ensure that there is no interference with your final upload.
  • Save the music to your TikTok Favorites folder so you can re-upload them later.
  • Your new video will include TikTok with your username prominently displayed. If desired, conceal this with a sticker.

A Wonderful Way to Express Your Creativity

Making TikTok video content is an excellent method to showcase your talent. Creating video content on TikTok with many songs keeps the audience engaged and provides you more creative choices. Even the tiniest distinctions may help you stand out from the crowd.

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