October 23, 2021

The Importance of Furniture Has Been Told in Vastu, Know About It

garden furniture tips

Vastu Shastra is a discipline that deals with the positive and negative energies arising around us. According to Vastu, every Vastu located near us has a special energy that has a positive and negative effect on our life. 

The furniture present in the house also has importance in Vastu, which is associated with the happiness and prosperity of your home. That’s why today we have brought you information about some Vastu tips related to furniture. So let’s know about these tips.

Keep furniture in this direction

According to Vastu, the direction of furniture ( rattan garden furniture ) also matters a lot. It is always considered good to start wooden furniture from the south or west direction and end in the north or east direction. If the furniture is light then keep it in the east or north direction. 

At the same time, keep heavy furniture in the south and west direction. There will be no loss of money by doing this. If you want to progress in business, then use steel furniture instead of wood.

Size of furniture

The size of the furniture also matters a lot. Furniture ( rattan dining sets ) should not be arched, crescent, or circular. Due to this, the health of the members of the household remains bad. The edges of the furniture should be circular and not sharp because it brings negative energy which causes problems.

This wooden furniture is auspicious

According to Vastu, furniture made of sandalwood, teak, sal, neem, rosewood, Ashoka tree wood is considered auspicious for the house. Due to this, along with happiness and peace, positive energy also remains in the house and no problems arise. Along with this, there is also money gain from it.

Furniture color

Positive in light colors and negative in dark colors increase energy, so it is also very important to see the color of the furniture. Keep light-colored furniture in your home and office so that there is activism in life.

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