October 23, 2021


You are probably wondering what I did to hang the stripes on the wall in my class. If there’s something I’ve learned regarding Kinder-Craze readers, you would like to be able to know how I completed the task precisely.

There are two kinds of walls within my classroom. My school bought the building two years ago, and our principal is clear that we’re not allowed to do anything that could damage the walls. I tried two different ways for hanging stripes based on the wall’s material. Therefore, buy vinyl to these methods can satisfy even the most grudging of principles.

CINDER BLOCK I’m aware of how numerous teachers have cinderblock walls that they hate. It’s not necessary to be averse to your wall of cinder block. Teachers often apply hot glue to the border (yes, hot glue bonds to cinder blocks). However, I’ve experienced a bad experience using cinder blocks and hot glue when the object I’m applying glue to is not laminated. I attached the border strips using my trusted DAP blue stick adhesive because the border strips weren’t laminated. For the best results, I put the blue tack into my palms for a couple of minutes, then tacked the blob of dime-size onto the edge of the border. I spread the blobs roughly every 8 inches. They stay on just fine.

PLASTER walls Most wall surfaces in my class are made of plaster, not cinder blocks. For these walls, I’ve had the greatest results using painters tape. I slapped about five large “pillows” of painters tape on the side of each strip and then hung them on the wall. They are extremely durable and cause no damage to walls. To get the best results, purchase the wide tape. It offers a greater surface-sticky surface area and will provide better adhesion to the wall.


I’m going to take a moment to show you an image of a before and post in my room. Here is the tree made of vinyl that was a feature in my classroom. Indeed, the space wasn’t terrible; however, the combination of the black dresser and the red stripes streamlined the look of my classroom and made the room transform from dull to breathtaking. I also used painters tape to add a few more stripes of the tent to the heating unit. This simple addition gave some extra glam to my window wall and helped create cohesion with the other areas in my room.


I teach at a Catholic school. Therefore I needed to create an area for prayer that my pupils could gather every day. I wanted this part in the class to reflect the theme but also reflect a more serious tone. Cartoony images of monkeys, lions and carousels wouldn’t inspire the students to pray. I kept the space neat and simple, using a simple tablecloth, a bible verse, our everyday devotional to pray for our school administration and the students, my favourite bible for children and an obelisk. A trio full of Christian books is kept under the table as a reference for my kids to read whenever they are bored.

The frames used for pictures are rough wooden frames that I bought at Michaels. I applied a coat of primer, and then I spray-painted the frames to coordinate with my decor for my classroom. I used two frames of 8×10 in size and a smaller frame with a scalloped 5×7, which I spray painted yellow and red to coordinate with my decor. The modifiable God bless Our School printable sign is available for download as a free download on my TpT store along with a “Let the Children Come to Me” printable bible verse.


The space in my classroom which I am most thrilled about is, without a doubt, my library in the classroom. I was awed by my old class library, but something about the new library layout blew my mind!

The central feature of the room is the huge circus print which is prominently displayed on my bookcase. The blue, yellow, and red daisies that are part of The Schoolgirl Style shop hang on each side of the lion, and an image of a star from the printable collection is an extra dimension in the middle of this blue daisy. The posters are amazing and, of course, I’ll tell you everything about it!

Melanie added a few posters illustrations included in her Vintage Circus bundle. Do you remember that poster maker I found at my ISD? I returned and ordered two 36 wide prints created of the lion-themed poster. The posters were printed on premium shiny newspaper (their only choice of paper used in the school where I work at ISD). I chose not to laminate it as I did not want the reflection from the laminate to reflect on our appreciation of the poster during school hours. The poster’s assembly was easy. I spray painted a couple of yardsticks in black and stuck them on the bottom and top of the posters (which worked perfectly as the poster I made was inches wide). I punched two tiny holes on the front of my poster using an apex and then inserted some clean fishing line (a vital decorative element) into the holes to make an elongated loop with which I could hang the poster. I put a clean command hook in the wall above the ceiling and the fishing line loop onto the hook. It worked flawlessly and won’t cause any harm to walls!

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