October 23, 2021

Most vehicles have salvage or rebuilt titles or have suffered some minor damage

According to data that we have collected, only 3 out of every 10 American import vehicles found on the streets of the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo, Santiago, La Vega, Puerto Plata, etc.) have the CLEAN title; This is not strange considering how the automobile market works through the purchase, restoration, and importation of vehicles.

So that you better understand what we are talking about, we decided to use a more practical example and we took a small sample of 1,160 reports, classified them and made this graph:

Of the 100% , 39% (455) correspond to vehicles with salvage or rebuilt titles; one 31% (360) to vehicles with clean record and 30% (345) vehicles with some sort of minor damage. Always taking into account that these data are prior to the importation of the vehicle.

This graph leaves us with 69% of American import vehicles with some type of damage. The most common being those of the Honda and Toyota brands.

Ideally, when you buy a rebuilt car you get a better price for less than what you would spend if you bought a new or just used vehicle with a clean history but the reality is that many times you could end up buying a vehicle with a rebuilt title at the price one with a clean title.

If you don’t make sure to thoroughly inspect your car , you could end up with one that needs major repairs, and that could mean a lot of unnecessary additional expense for you.

A vehicle can be considered as “salvage” even without having suffered serious damage, this case particularly occurs when a person chooses to collect the insurance and simply allow the insurer to put the vehicle up for sale.

But to better understand the subject, we are going to clearly define what a salvage and rebuilt vehicle are.

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