October 23, 2021

What you have to do to lose your fear of self-tanner

Knowing this is going to make you want to keep reading this article. And it is that the golden tone of skin that Doutzen Kroes usually wears is not always the result of sunbathing on any beach in Los Angeles. Not Rosie Huntington’s . And it is that both are two self-confessed devotees of self-tanners. Yes, because not only orange and unnatural finishes do these products live. Quite the opposite. Well used (and without fear) they allow you to look as inspiring tanned as those of these two models. Yes Yes. Doutzen herself has confessed it: that one of her tricks before the Victoria’s Secret show is to vaporize self-tanning spay on her body the night before. And Rosie, who told Teen Vogue that she was addicted to one of the products of the fake tan guru , James Read . “Using it gives me extra security to do photo shoots and catwalk,” said the top.

Of course, assuming the fact that with a self-tanner you can achieve a super natural result , it is time to get rid of the fear that a few women have of these products and that leads to never using them or misusing them. But who said fear? With these tricks we promise that you will lose it forever.

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