October 23, 2021

The Application of Toll-Free Numbers in NGOs & Social Sector

toll-free numbers

While alternate customer engagement channels, notably social media and live chat support, have been paving their way into the necessity of instant communication, toll-free numbers have still remained as an acclaimed model of live support for NGOs, social sectors, and even governments. Recent research shows that customers prefer good-old voice calling for their needs, whether customer queries after purchasing products or seeking information from government offices. Especially for NGOs and social sectors, toll-free numbers play an integral yet overlooked role.

What are Toll-Free Numbers and How Do They Work?

Toll-Free numbers allow people to instantly call an organization without being charged for the outgoing. Or in other words, businesses and organizations incur charges associated with phone calls that land on their contact numbers. Toll-free numbers are easy to identify and contain prefixes specific to regions, as such Indian numbers starting with 1800. And their mode of operation isn’t as complicated as it might seem; when any customer dials the toll-free number, the call is routed by the toll-free number service provider, notably Knowlarity, and is connected to the organization.

Why Toll-Free Numbers Are Must-Have for an Organization?

As simple as it sounds, toll-free numbers offer the public perception of your brand to be well-established and operating on higher scales. While toll-free numbers benefit people by not incurring outgoing call charges, it also encourages you to ring your number up, increasing your opportunities as well as improving your exposure in the mass. Especially for NGOs, social sectors, and government-aided organizations, what’s most unique about toll-free numbers is that they can yield huge ROI benefits, following which perfectly may even be the marketing funnels for certain organizations.

Let’s now understand why toll-free numbers are an asset to your organization, notably NGOs and social sectors:

1.  Engages people and improves satisfaction: With an active toll-free number, whether you are running an NGO or a profiting business, you offer your customer to easily reach out to your organization without any charges. One niche feature about toll numbers is that they can be efficiently routed and allocated to either attendants or automated bots, as well as being easy to remember as the business gets an option to choose if available.

2.  Brand recognition: If you notice carefully, all regional toll-free numbers begin with the same prefix. For example, Indian toll-free numbers starting with 1800. This not only makes them easier to recognize but also induces trustworthiness. With enough awareness, users will start associating your organization with the toll-free number. And that is where custom and easily memorable toll-free numbers must come into consideration.

3.  Sense of credibility: Apart from increasing public awareness, toll-free numbers are popular among leading organizations to induce a sense of credibility. Toll-free numbers make it comfortable for your organization to attend and assist customers in handling daily service-related queries by adding an effective professional touch to your organization. The value of an organization is automatically lifted with an active toll-free number.

4. Maintaining portability & database: It doesn’t matter how many thousands of calls your organization attends to because the toll-free numbers are easy to route or allocate with possibly thousands of real attendants. What’s more niche is that any toll-free call can be recorded, tracked, and analyzed. Distributed ledgers are possible with caller information that may assist your marketing team in targeting its audience.

Are You Excited To Get Your Toll Free Number?

Toll-free numbers are by far an efficient approach to address customer queries and the essentiality gets prominent if we consider people who may contact an NGO or social sectors in an emergency. If you are looking for an affordable toll-free number service provider, Knowlarity got you covered with plans suited for small-scale and large-scale NGOs and social sectors. And the best part is that you don’t have to invest in any infrastructure and still benefit from chatbots. Just pick your toll-free number from Knowlarity and attend to thousands of queries with zero downtime.

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